Get To Know Three Of Thought Catalog’s Most Promising Young Writers

We’re working with Taco Bell to support young writers through their innovative Feed The Stories program. In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring several pieces by three of Thought Catalog’s most promising up-and-coming contributors. Expect to see articles published by each of these talented creatives in their trademark style. Below, more details about each of the young adults behind the stories to come…

Katie Mather — Los Angeles, California (UCLA)

An East coast native living in LA, Katie is the kind of girl who aches for a change in pace every so often because she thrives off of meeting new people and experiencing new things. Underlying Katie’s gentle nature is a sharp wit and a keen eye. She’s an eager observer, always taking mental notes and storing what she sees for future reference in her work. Katie isn’t afraid to be the outsider looking in. And as adventurous as she is, she’s equally committed to transforming everyday experiences into compelling material that’s both entertaining and meaningful.

Katie’s notable work:

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28 Childhood Memories You Can Only Make If You Grew Up With Siblings

21 Ways You Can Fake Having Your Shit Together

Jacob Geers — Columbus, Ohio

Jacob’s nose is buried deep within the depths of the Internet. Always. He’s one of those 20-somethings who manages to stay up-to-date on pretty much everything going on at all times, across every single platform. Jacob lives, breathes, and talks memes. In addition to an unquenchable thirst for information, he’s armed with a background in political science that helps him cut through political jargon to get to the truth. In other words, he knows how the world works, and his specialty is in distilling information into relatable pieces that regular men and women love to read.

Jacob’s notable work:

If You Want To Date Me Treat Me Like Sh*t

24 Things Only People Who Are Completely Addicted To Social Media Understand

Obviously Angelica Ended Up In Drug Rehab: Here’s Where All The Rugrats Are In 2015

Marisa Donnelly — Forest City, Iowa

Ideas pour out of Marisa’s mind and heart and onto the page at a remarkable rate. She’s the type of writer who loves the craft so much that she’s spent years updating four separate personal blogs on a variety of subjects just because. Through reading her work, it’s immediately evident that Marisa is an empowered young woman. Unapologetically herself, she isn’t too timid to say it how she sees it, even if doing so means butting heads with popular opinions or pushing other people’s buttons. Marisa’s writing is polished and consistently clickable because she’s just so open and honest—and thus relatable.

Marisa’s notable work:

I Am Not A Netflix And Chill Type Of Girl

Read This If You Are Fiercely Independent But Also Ridiculously Emotional

Don’t Settle For The Nice Guy Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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