45 People Describe The Best Sex They’ve Ever Had In Exactly Ten Words

Photo by OnaArtist.com
Photo by OnaArtist.com

1. “She teased the tip, engulfed it all, then mounted it.”

2. “A musician with fingers so nimble, my vagina his fiddle.”

3. “His dick was massive, every pump increasingly satisfying—orgasmic bliss.”

4. “One night, three times: from behind, like scissors, then missionary.”

5. “Plumpest lips, biggest tits, firmest ass, tightest pussy I’ve entered.”

6. “Kinky babe sucked me, fucked me, then sucked me again.”

7. “I was muff-diving when she first queafed, so unexpectedly intimate.”

8. “Just thinking about it makes me cream in my pants.”

9. “She sucked my dick and then I fucked her tits.”

10. “It was a threesome, equal parts vagina and penis. Yum.”

11. “He pushed deeper and deeper and I screamed and creamed.”

12. “Pulled out to squirt a Jackson Pollock on her stomach.”

13. “Spanking, whipping, flogging, pinching—we danced between pleasure and pain.”

14. “She orgasmed thrice that night and twice the next morning.”

15. “We fucked so hard the bed broke and her vagina hurt.”

16. “He ate me out before and after: oral sex god.”

17. “Teased her with a vibrator then plunged my dick inside.”

18. “Every move of her pelvis aroused the devil inside me.”

19. “Ball massage, taint tonguing, dick sucking, then fucking…and fucking.”

20. “Rubbed my cock at curtain drop, fucked me at intermission.”

21. “She blew like a pro, and fucked like one too.”

22. “He watched me go down on her, then we fucked.”

23. “Sex swing, nipple clamps, handcuffs. It wasn’t a vanilla night.”

24. “‘Fuck me fuck me fuck me!’ I screamed. So hot.”

25. “Came on her face and she licked her lips happily.”

26. “I finger-banged her until she begged and begged for cock.”

27. “She squeezed her pussy tighter than I ever thought possible.”

28. “Played just the tip and then I plunged it in.”

29. “She touched herself til she was wet enough to fuck.”

30. “In one night I explored every hole in her body.”

31. “Her body was a fucking wonderland and I pounded it.”

32. “‘Let him watch,’ she said and we performed our best.”

33. “Swapped partners with the neighbors to spice things up. Awesome.”

34. “‘Suck my tits and put it inside me!’ she shouted.”

35. “Clutch and release, clutch and release, her vag was magic.”

36. “She let me try the Cincinnati bowtie, somehow L-bombs followed.”

37. “Too horny to wait, we fucked in the cab home.”

38. “Never met a girl so into experimenting, naughty little temptress.”

39. “Got drunk and high, had naughty sex all night long.”

40. “‘I’m wet’ she whispered—sex in the airplane bathroom followed.”

41. “She farted so loudly and we both laughed to climax.”

42. “Her clit was sensitive and she flicked it throughout lovemaking.”

43. “He’s all I think about when I masturbate—that mind-blowing.”

44. “Anal was tricky but it definitely brought us closer together.”

45. “He literally charmed my pants off, then got me off.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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