19 Things Only Girls Who Played Lacrosse Can Understand

Shutterstock, Peter Dean
Shutterstock, Peter Dean

1. No one ever explained why your uniform was a skirt instead of shorts, but you never really questioned why you were expected to play a sport in a skirt because you looked damn good in it.

2. Sometimes, on game days, you and your teammates wore those skirts to school and it was awesome because you didn’t have to bother choosing an outfit on those mornings.

3. You secretly love joking about being a girl who knows exactly what to do when balls fly in her face.

4. You actually DO know exactly what to do when a ball or any other object unexpectedly catapults towards you.

5. You always wondered why anyone would choose a sport with positions like “forward” or “offense” when they could be playing “attack.”

6. You’re a certified master of scooping things off the floor on the go.

7. The word “home” is more aggressive than sweet to you.

8. There’s no zone you can’t penetrate.

9. In the name of team spirit, you sometimes made posters touting your “stick skills.”

10. When the principal forced you to remove said posters from the cafeteria walls, you acted confused about what could possibly be so offensive about your signage.

11. You know that there’s a serious difference between stick checking and body checking. One is for nimble athletes while the other’s for total barbarians.

12. You also know the difference between a lacrosse stick with a pocket in it, and one without.

13. Whenever you mess around with a guy’s stick, you laugh at how amazingly easy it is to catch with.

14. Ditto to cradling.

15. You cheered for the guys’ team, but you’ve always thought the girls’ version of the game—without helmets and head-to-toe padding—is just more elegant.

16. A mouth guard and goggles are the only protection you need on the field. ‘Cause you’re a badass, obviously.

17. Watching girls’ lacrosse is also just better because you can actually see the players’ faces, whereas guys scuttle about in a sea of homogeneity, distinguishable only by the numbers on their jerseys.

18. You’re pretty sure girls’ lax is way closer to the original game, which was invented by Native Americans.

19. You would never EVER reduce yourself to being a lacrossetitute because you’d rather play the game than waste your time trying to hook up with a guy who does. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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