21 Signs You’re One Of Those Couples That Will Actually Make It

iStockPhoto.com / Leonardo Patrizi
iStockPhoto.com / Leonardo Patrizi

1. Even as time passes, your significant other can make you smile just by showing up, walking through the door, or tripping on the sidewalk.

2. You both count the day you met as a critical turning point in your personal histories—when your individual paths merged into one wider, awesomer, more promising trail.

3. You feel relieved whenever you remember—just by glancing at your significant other, waking up alongside them, or grazing their bare skin—that you’re incredibly lucky to have found each other.

4. When you’re together, you feel awash in certainty and comfort—so at peace it’s almost irrational.

5. You’re seriously grateful to your significant other for enabling you to check “find someone to love” off your To Do list for good.

6. You routinely remind each other just how much—and, more importantly, why—you love each other. And the reasons really do abound, from the mundane (the way their hands always manage to get so sticky when eating chicken wings) to the significant stuff (their seemingly vast reserves of compassion).

7. Sometimes, you feel a little silly for adoring your boyfriend or girlfriend so much, and for saying and thinking such uncharacteristically corny things about them. And yet, every single cheesy sentiment is 100 percent genuine.

8. Hyperbolic, borderline non-sensical declarations like “You are my entire universe!” and “I will love you throughout time and back!” don’t seem unreasonable because you really do mean it when you say that kind of stuff.

9. Activities you once found ridiculous (slow dancing in the living room to jazz music, jumping into a pool holding hands, or pouring your heart out in a handwritten letter) seem totally appropriate, even necessary.

10. You treasure every “first” you experience without worrying that you’ll run out of things to do as a couple, or memories to make.

11. You finally understand the distinction between “making love” and “hooking up,” and you’d never choose the latter over the former.

12. You’re not afraid to admit that there were benefits to being single or that you enjoyed that way of life for a time, but the upside of your current bond is limitless by comparison.

13. You don’t wait around for anniversaries or special occasions to celebrate your relationship. Sometimes, you lock eyes and say “Cheers to us!” for no particular reason at all.

14. Most nights, there’s absolutely nothing you’d rather do than sit with your significant other at home, doing nothing. Doing together is actually better than doing something with anyone else.

15. You don’t envy other couples, not even a bit, because you wouldn’t change your romantic situation for anything, not even a billion bucks.

16. But as hard as you fall for each other, you refuse to lose sight of reality. You’re more pragmatic than idealistic, understanding that crazy expectations and fantasies set people up for disappointment.

17. You’re not misguided enough to believe that everything’s always going to go smoothly, but you’re 1,000 percent committed to tackling every problem you encounter as a couple.

18. When you fight, you usually manage to do so without getting too nasty because even when you’re pissed as hell, your heart steps in to remind you not to hurt the person you cherish too much.

19. You don’t bother entertaining thoughts about what life would be like without each other because it’s just not possible to imagine that alternate route with any degree of sincerity.

20. Ultimately, you both want the exact same thing: to build a life together because experiencing the world alongside each other is so much better than doing it all solo.

21. You may not be wealthy, but you’re rich in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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