Just Say ‘No’ When Your Girlfriend Asks Any Of These 50 Questions

Twenty20, raex
Twenty20, raex

1. Do you think it’s even possible for us to fall out of love?

2. Have you ever been tempted to cheat on me?

3. Was the sex this awesome for you with anyone else?

4. Do you imagine any of your exes when you jerk off sometimes?

5. Do you think long-term monogamy would be hard for us?

6. Is [insert anyone] hotter than I am?

7. If I gave you the okay to sleep with someone else, would you be psyched? You can tell me…

8. Have you ever cheated on someone you’ve seriously dated?

9. Was your ex better than I am at anything sexually?

10. Have you ever thought about leaving me? Like, even for a second?

11. Are you thinking about banging that girl we just walked by?

12. Do you mentally undress random beautiful women you pass on the street sometimes?

13. Do you and your friends talk about fucking women like it’s some kind of accomplishment?

14. Do you guys like sit around rating women’s fuckability?

15. Have you ever loved anyone as much as you love me?

16. Would you ever go to one of those happy ending massage parlor places?

17. Are you a strip club kind of guy?

18. Would you ever sleep with a prostitute?

19. Do you think it’s okay to ghost on people?

20. Do you hate it when I say “make love” instead of “fuck” or “hook up”?

21. When your friends ask about me, do you tell them about that [insert supremely embarrassing private moment]?

22. Do you ever still think about that girl you lost your virginity to?

23. If you had the chance to hook up with your celebrity crush, would you take it?

24. Do you fantasize about other women?

25. Are you going to trade me for a “newer model” one day?

26. Do you ever just want to watch porn instead of having sex with me?

27. Can we talk about WHY you dated [insert ex]?

28. Do you hate holding hands?

29. Are you embarrassed when we’re schmoopy in public?

30. Do you hate hanging out with my friends?

31. Do you think I’m going to turn out just like my mom?

32. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fuck my sister? Or my mom?

33. Is masturbating kind of more satisfying than having sex with me sometimes?

34. Do you ever not feel like having sex just because you’re not in the mood to do it with me specifically?

35. Have you ever looked at me and wished that I was just a little bit hotter?

36. Have you ever looked at me and pretended that I was a different person altogether?

37. Do you think about other women while we’re doing it?

38. Do you kind of resent me for making you spoon right after sex?

39. Have I gained any weight since the day we met?

40. Do you ever wish you could just be single again?

41. If we broke up, would you start dating again right away?

42. Would you hit Tinder as soon as we were over?

43. If a hot girl shoved you in a corner, pulled your pants down, and starting giving you head, would you let her keep going?

44. Do you hit on other girls just for fun when you’re out without me?

45. Would you ever have an emotional affair?

46. Do you get the appeal of that guy Dan Bilzerian?

47. Do you sometimes wish that I gave you more blowjobs?

48. Does anyone have it as great as we do?

49. Will you ever get tired of us…and this?

50. Do my questions kind of annoy you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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