25 Relationship Mantras To Steer You Towards A More Fulfilling Love Life

Twenty20, toy1462
Twenty20, toy1462

1. Be the sexy startup he invests all his money in because he can’t resist, not the safe dull mutual fund society tells him to pick.

2. Love someone who knows you through and through—until the minute you sense they’re through with you.

3. If you’re not having any fun together in bed, find someone else to bed altogether.

4. Forgive your partner when they make mistakes—as long as they don’t mistake forgiveness for a permission slip not to do better.

5. There may be no such thing as Mister Right, but there is a mister who’s just right enough.

6. Why be the couple that shows off online when you can be the duo standing on line for a cool thing to do in real life?

7. Search for someone who’s interested enough to ask lots of questions, not someone who questions all the awesome things that make you interesting.

8. Remember that fighting regularly is totally normal—but not to the point that your normal is fighting.

9. Love someone who yearns to give you everything, not someone who expects you to be their everything.

10. It’s definitely better to lose a true love than to love a true loser.

11. Stick around if he’s right for you—not just when he sticks it inside you.

12. Go for a guy who knows how to pleasure women sexually, but not one whose only pleasure is getting sexy.

13. Support your significant other in every endeavor, until they endeavor not to support you any longer.

14. Don’t ever lose yourself trying to be with someone who doesn’t seem to care about losing you.

15. Be the fire in each other’s hearts, but don’t always expect things to burn so bright.

16. Stay with a man who insists on romance, not the kind who romanticizes insistence.

17. It’s way better to be the woman he desperately wants but can’t have than the woman he has but doesn’t actually want.

18. Be with someone who challenges you daily, not someone who becomes a daily challenge.

19. Couple up if you find a single person who seems totally worth it, but never because leaving the single life behind makes you feel more worthy.

20. Find someone who appreciates your every flaw, but not someone too flawed to see their own.

21. Seek a partner you ache to know intimately, and also enjoy being intimate with.

22. Fall for someone you can love madly—without going totally mad in the process.

23. Date the man you fall for hardest, not the man who happens to get hardest.

22. Stick around if they inspire you to be better, not if they act like they’re better off without you.

25. If you want the kind of love that lasts, give it a chance again and again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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