19 Hilarious Elf On The Shelf Instagrams That Prove Just How Ridiculous Parents Are

1. The North Pole’s biggest little strip club enthusiast.

2. The elf that got lucky at his very own orgy of a “slumber party.”

3. The elf that failed to use protection.

4. The elf that showed the Grinch who the fucking boss is.

Apparently Sparky decided to make sure the grinch couldn't steal Christmas this year. He's now attached to my paper towel holder.

A photo posted by D e v i M c D o n a l d (@diddlesanddumplings) on

5. The ice cube elf hybrid that dared to slut shame Frozen’s Elsa.

6. The elf that used an offensively lame pickup line on Barbie.

It's not the mambo. It's a feeling; a heartbeat. #spaghettiarms #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Matt Hawk (@matt_hawk) on

7. The sloppy drunk elf caught copping a mini squat.

8. Santa’s little helper slash Fifty Shades super fan.

Captured by the Avenger's!! #elfontheshelf #captianamerica #thor #blackwidow #hawkeye

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9. The creepy narcissistic selfie-obsessed elf.

Express YoursELF πŸ“Έ #elf#oscartheelf#elfantics#elfatdisney#elfontheshelf#expressyourself

A photo posted by Sandy 🐏 (@princessroast) on

10. The elf that dreamed of transitioning into a chicken.

11. The elf that identified primarily as a snowman.

12. The bicurios elf.

So adorable #elfontheshelf #cute #needOne #adorable #weePal #christmas #excited #bigkidproblems #baddie

A photo posted by Laura Mulholland (@brooklyn_nyts) on

13. The unoriginal prankster elf that toilet papered the Christmas tree.

14. The elf with serious superhero delusions.

Someone's feeling a little Spider-Man type of way πŸ‘€ #ranalda #christmas2015 #elfontheshelf

A photo posted by Ashley Urbanoβœ¨πŸ’– (@_ashmarie05_) on

15. The lonely social outcast elf reduced to drawing his own friends.

#eggbertwhatdidyoudo #elfontheshelf #naughtyelf

A photo posted by krissy o (@krissy_obie) on

16. The germophobic elf with a compulsive grooming habit.

Well Good morning little Elf!! #elf #lifisbeautiful #elfontheshelf #persianelf #assyrianelf #sanjose #willowglen

A photo posted by Sherry Landi (@sherrylandi88) on

17. Woogie Wall Street, the ruthless capitalist elf.

#elfontheshelf monopoly

A photo posted by Erika Branning (@erikaabranning) on

18. The hypochondriac elf desperate for attention.

19. Tiny house living’s biggest little elfin advocates.

"Honey are you almost done in there??" #elfontheshelf

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