15 Hilarious Little Poems That Perfectly Encapsulate The Quarter Life Struggle

Instagram’s Quarter Life Poetry is an awesome collection of illustrated rhymes written by a “reluctant 25-year-old” committed to documenting her perspective on life and her approach to adulting. Below are the best of her funny, insightful observations.

1. On realizing that other people suck, but you rock.

2. Partly because you’re 100 percent hotter than fuckboy’s new girlfriend.

3. You don’t even care if you’re slightly behind.

4. Because marriage is totally lame.

5. Ditto to babies.

6. There are serious benefits to being single anyway.

7. FOMO isn’t something you’re known to experience.

8. But being hangry certainly is.

9. Dessert? Always!

10. Skinny’s not such a priority anymore.

11. You’re an empowered woman who does shit her own way.

12. Unless you go on a date, in which case he better pay.

13. Because student loans are no fucking joke.

14. You’ll be broke AF until you can sell those Beanie Babies.

15. But whatever, really, because candy.

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