13 Times Instagram’s Deliciously Stella Proved That ‘Eating Clean’ Is Totally Lame

Fed up with all the pressure on social media to portray a perfect life and consume nothing but healthy, food porn worthy meals, British comedian Bella Younger launched Deliciously Stella, where she gets real about eating in the most hilarious way possible.

1. When she outsmarted all the bacon haters before hating on bacon was even a thing.

2. And pointed out just how annoying oatmeal (and those who eat it) can be.

3. When she justified eating donuts because you’re way less likely to choke on them than carrots.

4. And then reminded us that downing wine is essentially the same thing as eating fruit.

5. Plus, if you think about it, chocolate pretty much equals salad.

6. When she put sugar demonizers in their place.

7. And demonstrated how much awesomer it is to wear a gummy ring than a stupid diamond.

8. When she outlined how to deal with anyone who shames you for eating whatever you want.

9. Since there’s really only one way to diet anyway.

10. And one “gym” worth visiting.

11. When she proved that it’s actually unsafe to be skinny.

12. And suggested we’d all be better off trading Barbie for “Carbie.”

13. So you might as well make yourself a potato chip sandwich already.

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