14 Men React To The Idea Of Staying Sober Throughout Their Wife’s Pregnancy

Twenty20, LadyRish
Twenty20, LadyRish

1. “Pregnancy isn’t cancer. If my wife gets sick and has to get chemo and she loses all her hair, I would consider shaving my head out of solidarity. But I’m not giving up liquor just because my sperm fertilized a woman’s egg, which isn’t a punishable offense as far as I know.”

— Ron, 32


2. “I’m allergic to clams. I don’t tell her not to eat clams.”

— Tommy, 24


3. “[Laughs]. You’re not serious, right? I have one kid already, so I’ve witnessed the raging hormonal swings of a pregnant woman firsthand. No way I’m going through that without a whiskey or two here and there.”

— Paul, 28


4. “No. No way. Am I supposed to stop eating sushi, too? I understand being supportive and compassionate, so, OK, sure—I would cut back. I wouldn’t rub a glass of wine in her face after work on a Friday. But certain aspects of biology are unavoidable and unequal, unfortunately, so while the burden of pregnancy (in a heterosexual couple, at least) is sure to fall on the woman more so than on the man, I will also never, ever experience the beauty of what it’s like to create a human being.”

— JJ, 34


5. “Whatever it takes to help my wife feel better while she’s carrying our child. I’m one of three kids raised by a single mom so I have a lot of respect for women, especially mothers.”

— Grant, 26


6. “Is this a feminism thing?”

— Alan, 26


7. “I don’t drink a lot as it is, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for me to remain sober for nine straight months. But I don’t respond well to rules and restrictions in general, so I’d have to refuse on principle.”

— Brett, 27


8. “Total sobriety? Unnecessary, even for the woman. However, a man should curb his drinking and avoid having too many at dinner with his pregnant wife since she can’t sit there getting blasted without risking the health of the child. I think you should shoot for moderation, but I don’t think it’s realistic to have nothing to drink at all.”

— Nigel, 36


9. “I plan to drink throughout. What kind of woman imposes sobriety on a man just because she can’t get tipsy regularly? Misery loves company, but that’s whack.”

— Lorenzo, 28


10. “I can see myself agreeing to reasonable standards like ‘no more than two drinks when we’re out together’ or maybe ‘no drinking Monday through Friday night,’ but it seems pointless for the father-to-be to stay completely sober.”

— Mario, 30


11. “The way I see it, things are pretty even between females and males in terms of procreation. Men don’t have to carry any additional weight around or give up any specific foods or beverages or risk their lives pushing a watermelon sized baby out of a lemon sized opening, but we also don’t get to experience the miracle of life. We don’t get to connect with the baby, literally, the way women do through their wombs and breasts. Drinking during his wife’s pregnancy is a mans’ privilege, while birth and breast feeding are a woman’s.”

— Jon, 29


12. “Not drink for nine months? At all? Nada? Zip? Why? I don’t get it.”

— Raffi, 26


13. “My wife would never ask that of me. I’m a writer. I drink every night—not to the point of excess, but boozing’s part of my creative process.”

— Wyatt, 37


14. “I’m positive my wife would agree that we’re both better off if I have a few evening cocktails. No alcohol to unwind after a long day and I’m an angry man. Better to maintain a peaceful environment for the baby, no?”

— Pierre, 33 TC mark


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