10 Men Describe Their Girlfriend’s Most Unexpectedly Hot Body Part


1. “The girl I’m dating now has never had her ears pierced, so it’s like I’m dating an ear lobe virgin, and it’s so fucking hot. I nibble on those soft little bits of flesh between breathing into her ears. She’s really responsive to it, which makes it even better.”

— PJ, 32


2. “My girlfriend has the lamest tramp stamp. It’s actually a bull’s eye, three inches in diameter. Terrible drunk decision on her part. Still, I love the woman. And on each side of that tat, she’s got these little dimples on her lower back right above the waistband of her panties. They get deeper if she arches her back a certain way. Those miniature craters make me hot.”

— Rick, 22


3. “I’ve always been an ass guy, but it’s the crack that really gets me more than the cheeks. Of all the women I’ve seen naked, my current girlfriend has the awesomest crack. It curves just the right amount, like the crease of the most perfect peach, begging you to graze it with your fingers—or tongue.”

— Carlton, 25


4. “I’ve seen a lot of boobs over the years, and my girlfriend has the bumpiest nipples I’ve ever (ahem) come across. Her nipples aren’t that big, but they’re dotted all over with tons of tiny bumps that become really defined as soon as she’s aroused. I love licking her nips so I can see and feel those pink mounds form, which tells me I’m doing something right.”

— Raffi, 25


5. “You can’t actually touch eyes, but they’re the most sensual female body part in my opinion. I always fall for a woman’s eyes first. They don’t have to be blue or green or what some would call ‘exotic.’ They just have to intrigue me. My girlfriend’s eyes say so much but also seem to hold something I can’t quite pinpoint. They’re a deep chestnut hue and staring into them makes me hornier than physical touch does.”

— Brian, 31


6. “My girlfriend’s vagina lips are totally asymmetrical. She’s got one big juicy lip, and the other is really trim. What I love is the unevenness of it all. I’m so numb to the porn star ‘designer vagina’ thing. My girlfriend’s pussy is imperfect, but it has so much personality. It’s way more attractive to me than a conveyer belt vagina.”

— Daniel, 27


7. “I don’t have a foot fetish. If anything, I’ve never liked feet. But I’m engaged to a woman who has the cutest toes and her foot cleavage makes me insane. I noticed it on our first date. She was wearing these high heels and the sliver between her two biggest toes on each foot was sticking out, taunting me the entire night. All I have to do to get rock hard is think about my girlfriend standing naked in a pair of pumps.”

— Neal, 34


8. “My girlfriend isn’t at all athletic, but she has the most fantastic, shapely, muscular calves. You’d think she was a ballerina or a triathlete or something, but no. Just genetically blessed. If it were up to me, no hemline would fall below her knees. Lying on the couch, watching Netflix with those things draped over me—that’s the dream.”

— Mike D., 29


9. “I’m not attracted to really thin women, but I love protruding hip bones, and my girlfriend has them without being too skinny. Maybe I interpret it as a sign of fertility or something. It’s definitely a feature unique to women’s bodies. I love it when my lady wears low rise jeans and a t-shirt and the things pop out. So damn sexy.”

— Jimmy, 23


10. “You know that game we all played when we were kids where your friend closes their eyes and then you tickle the underside of their arm with the tips of your fingers, starting at the wrist? They’re supposed to guess when you’ve reached their elbow crease. That’s my favorite foreplay trick. Girls love the sensation, and I love doing it because a woman’s forearms are so much more delicate than a man’s. My girlfriend of two years has stellar forearms. It’s such a turn on to watch the goose bumps develop as I touch her skin ever so gently.”

— Samad, 28 TC mark


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