10 Women Share Their Embarrassing But Hilarious Nip Slip Stories

Flickr, J. Lightning
Flickr, J. Lightning

1. “Senior year of high school, I was voted prom queen. It took me forever to find the perfect bubblegum pink princess dress to wear, and I spent hours getting ready for that once-in-a-lifetime night. The problem with strapless gowns—especially if you’re planning on doing a lot of arms-in-the-air dancing—is that they don’t exactly stay in place all that well. As soon as the Principal called me up to the stage to crown me, I yanked down on my dress with both hands to get things in order. I had no idea what’d happened until I was staring out at the crowd of my classmates, smiling stupidly, and the chanting began: ‘Boo-bie! Boo-bie! Boo-bie!’ Mortifying.”

— Lora, 26


2. “My boyfriend took me fishing a few months ago with his uncle Lou. We stopped for a midday swim and as I climbed the ladder back up to the boat post dip, I saw Lou’s face light up in the creepiest way imaginable. My nipples, which were rock hard from the cold ocean water, were both peaking out from opposite sides of the one-piece I’d chosen to wear that day to look respectable.”

— Mirna, 21


3. “Back in college, I decided to streak across campus with my friend Gary one night. The plan was for Gary to wear a sock on his dick and for me to go completely nude. We were wasted, obviously. So we take off and I’m feeling free and glorious and happy to be 20-something when, three-quarters of the way through, my stuffy International Law professor pops out from around a corner and we collide! Not exactly a nip slip, but a definite slip involving two totally exposed boobs. I was so traumatized, and Gary just stood there laughing at me.”

— Violet, 24


4. “The last time I went out to grab some groceries, I threw on some shorts and one of my favorite old t-shirts. I wasn’t wearing a bra because I never wear one unless I’m at work. Anyway, as I was checking some eggs for cracks, this prissy woman I loathe leaned in to suggest that I might want to ‘dress more appropriately in public.’ Turns out my snuggly worn t-shirt had some holes in the chest area. Not the best look at a well-lit, family friendly establishment, but I had to laugh at the fact that I was caught in the dairy aisle.”

— Summer, 27


5. “I had a total Seinfeld moment this past winter, but instead of distributing dozens of holiday cards with a photo of myself wearing a see-through blouse, like Elaine did, I emailed my entire contact list a similar shot with a spirited Christmas wish. Some of my colleagues and former professors received that card. I’ve never longed for the pre-digital era like I did in the aftermath of that flub.”

— Petra, 22


6. “I’m a Eucharistic Minister at my church, which means that I hand out the tiny circular pieces of Styrofoam-like snacks that represent the body of Christ. After Mass one recent Sunday, Father Kevin pulled me aside and confronted me about dressing ‘more carefully’ in the Lord’s house. The blouse I was wearing was transparent beneath the bright Church lights, and the bra I had on was sheer, so the entire congregation had seen my nipples. Not one of my finer moments, I must confess.”

— Beatrice, 32


7. “The other night I was standing at the bar of a club, waiting for my friends to get back from the bathroom, when the hottest guy approached. Visualizing what it would be like to let the guy ravage me, I reached out my hand eagerly and introduced the sexiest, smartest, smoothest version of myself. In response, he smirked, raised an eyebrow, and blurted, ‘Your blouse is fucked up, Girl. Wanna buy me a drink to say thanks?’ Sure enough, my right boob was poking through the armhole of my slightly oversized tank. Braless works, until it doesn’t. Before I had time to consider buying that asshole a cocktail, I ran to the bathroom to readjust.”

— Phoebe, 25


8. “I spent the summer after my freshman year of college babysitting for a family in the neighborhood. Part of my responsibility was to help chaperone their six-year-old’s birthday party at the local water park. Since some of the kids were afraid of the biggest slide, I made a show of offering to demonstrate how fun it was. I dove down that steep yellow slide and enjoyed the ride down. But by the time I threw my arms in the air for my grand tada! moment, my string bikini top had fallen off. It’s one thing to go topless on Spring Break, and another to be naked in front of a row of half-sized humans pointing and giggling their little faces off.”

— Vivienne, 22


9. “When I workout I wear those tank tops that double as sports bras. I have a big chest (I’m a double-D) so it’s a bit of a stretch, but I like the convenience. Just as I was getting back from a five-mile run one morning, my neighbor, a crusty old guy who could be hoarding black market kidneys for all I know, was outside checking his mail. Little did I know, one of the gal’s had bounced right out of her protective cocoon. You could only see half the right nipple and a whole bunch of squished flesh, but that was enough to send the man into a frenzy. If I could move, I would.”

— Consueala, 29


10. “As a 16-year-old camp counselor, I volunteered to play Britney Spears as a spoof in the annual variety show. I was doing my best rendition of ‘Oops I Did It Again,’ with a little too much oomph when my snazzy little sequin bra top popped right off. I have pretty sizable nipples, so the kids nicknamed me Silver Dollar that night, and it stuck. From then on, it was impossible for me to walk across camp grounds without a bratty little kid pretending to lift their shirt up to make fun of me. Some people really shouldn’t procreate.”

— Renee, 20 TC mark


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