12 Guys Explain Exactly What To Do If You Want To Make Them Orgasm ASAP


1. “All a woman needs to do to push me over the edge is scream, ‘Come on my face!’ Depending on the position we’re in, it’s not always easy to execute the come-on-my-face thing, logistically. But it doesn’t really even matter if it happens or not. I just need the verbal permission slip. The idea alone drives me insane.”

— George, 28

2. “When a woman’s giving me a blowjob, what takes me over the brink is humming. I didn’t even realize that was my thing until a girl I was dating a few years back hummed happy birthday on my dick. She did it as a joke, but damn, it was effective.”

— Brad, 32

3. “Women who whisper towards the final act are my wet dream come true. Actually, no words necessary. You don’t have to articulate anything. It’s the sensation of warm breath inside the ear. A targeted sigh or a little air blowing does the trick too.”

— Eduardo, 25

4. “People think this is weird, but I like it when a woman licks my hands—specifically, the skin between my fingers. Run your tongue from the base of one finger to the top while you’re riding me and you’ll get me there for sure. If you’re a finger licking virgin, it’s a way more sensitive area than you know.

— Tim, 27

5. “When I’m deep into it with a woman and she starts squeezing and releasing her vaginal muscles, I’m done. The sensation is amazing, and I love thinking about how she’s doing it just for me in that moment, and how she’s also probably doing it in the middle of the day when the guys around her least suspect it. What do they call it? Kegels!”

— Marcos, 33

6. “I’m a pretty simple creature—a total sucker for eye contact. If timed correctly, a sexy stare down and a wink can go a long way.”

— Samuel, 23

7. “If a woman wants to make a man orgasm, all she has to do is touch herself. No dude I know can resist the sight of a woman massaging her own breasts, or pinching her own nipples. Self-stimulation is a beautiful thing. It gives us a snapshot of what she looks like when she masturbates.”

— Shravin, 25

8. “Towards the end of a session, I like a random position switch. If a girl suddenly grabs my back and flips the game so she’s on top, it won’t be long before I’m exploding like a volcano that’s been dormant for centuries.”

— Chris, 26

9. “Two words: Ball grab. If a girl can maneuver a proper ball rub while we’re going at it, I’ll be incredibly turned on, not to mention impressed.”

— Nick, 35

10. “When things are really heating up, sometimes the passion demands a good spanking. I won’t ask for it, but if she gives it to me, I’ll be gush within minutes, guaranteed.”

— Joey, 32

11. “It’s all about the lips for me. Bite your bottom lip, or lean in and suck on mine. Doesn’t matter. I’ll blow my load shortly thereafter.”

— Charles, 30

12. “The key for me is the element of surprise. Once we’re in our sex groove, I like it when a woman gets creative and does something totally unexpected—a sudden tickle or an unforeseen pinch, maybe. It’s nice to know she’s putting effort into getting me off because I’m definitely trying my best at all times to pleasure her. Great sex is reciprocal.”

— Darrell, 24 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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