10 Unusual Experiments Every Couple Needs To Try

1. Set synchronized sexting alarms.

What’s better than receiving a surprise midday sext from the person you’re dating? Looking forward to the one you know you’re going to get from your boyfriend or girlfriend at exactly 2pm. Choose a time that works for you both and set simultaneous alarms on your phones. Whether you’re separated from your partner by hundreds of miles or a few feet, you’ll know they’re sitting there somewhere—first thinking of exactly how to arouse you (via visual, vocal, or written sext, depending on your preferences), and then getting aroused by whatever message you send.

2. Create your own drinking game and get stupid drunk together.

When you feel like getting tipsy together, there are countless standard drinking games to choose from. But it’s far more special to create a game specific to your tastes as a couple, even if it’s as basic as turning Scrabble into a strip thing, or deciding to drink whenever a news anchor says “however.” Considering how easy it is to customize a booze fest, it’s surprising how memorable the experience typically is.

3. Keep separate sex diaries so you can read them to each other later.

If each person in a relationship commits to carnal journaling for a certain period of time, what you end up with is an awesomely arousing set of sex stories starring yourselves. After a month or so of recording your sexual encounters separately, take turns reading your accounts to each other out loud. Drafting couple’s erotica lets you relive your hottest experiences—as you write them down individually, and then again, from the other person’s perspective, as your share them.

4. Stare into each other’s eyes for five straight minutes.

This sounds incredibly simple, and it is. But the payoff is great. The last time you looked straight at someone’s pupils for such a long stretch, you were probably in the midst of a middle school staring contest. This is different, I promise. Set a timer on one person’s phone, and do nothing but look right at your boyfriend or girlfriend until the time is up. Most people’s eyes speak loudly.

5. Stick to a predetermined sex schedule.

It might seem like the opposite of sexy to schedule lovemaking, but some counterintuitive strategies are effective. So instead of striving towards spontaneity, try creating a sex schedule. The process of planning exactly when you’ll get busy over the course of the coming week can be exciting in and of itself. And then there’s the certainty of sexual play once you’ve both committed to specific time slots for copulating. Who doesn’t love walking around with a 100 percent get-laid-at-the-end-of-the-day guarantee in their back pocket?

6. Eat miracle berries together.

By the time you’re an adult and you’ve tried every type of cuisine, on occasion it can seem like a chore to choose what to eat for dinner. Similarly, even the best long-term relationships can feel a little routine at some point. We can’t re-experience the intensity of every relationship milestone, or relive the moments we discovered new flavors as a kid. But we can trick our taste buds together by eating miracle berries, which have been around for centuries and make sour and bitter foods taste sweet. The minute you start feeling like you’ve run out of newness, you might as well throw yourselves a two-person flavor tripping party.

7. Play truth or dare.

The one-on-one lovers’ version of this traditional childhood game can be more rewarding than it ever was when you were a kid. Armed with a “truth license,” all the questions lurking on your mind that might seem antagonizing over a regular dinner become fair play. And if you’re creative in conceiving dares, you’ll both end up doing some unforgettable shit.

8. Do something you’re awful at in front of each other.

When we enter into a serious relationship, we make ourselves vulnerable by giving another person the power to break our heart. But feeling vulnerable is part of the joy of being in love, and one way to explore this emotion further is by embarrassing yourselves on purpose. Pick an activity you’ve never excelled at—be it singing, dancing, swimming, running, or skate boarding—and let your partner watch you struggle. When the person you love looks ridiculous, it’s almost always endearing.

9. Get scared together.

There’s a reason thrill seekers love to push themselves to crazy lengths. Fear is exhilarating. So zero in on your boyfriend or girlfriend’s greatest fears and tackle them together, whether that means skydiving, streaking, or cuddling up on the couch and watching a horror flick. Triggering fright will make you feel alive as a couple. It’s also a great way to remind each other that you both have a safety cushion in the form of a loving partner who makes you feel a little less terrified than when you’re apart.

10. Stage a ridiculous conversation in public.

When dining out, it’s unquestionably entertaining to overhear a juicy conversation or a lover’s quarrel at the next table. The only thing more fun is trying to spark curiosity in others by becoming that shocking couple. Though executing this can be challenging, there’s nothing like being in cahoots with your boyfriend or girlfriend and creating an inside joke you can laugh aboutlater. If all else fails, you can always erupt into a fake fight to draw a few onlookers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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