32 Lies Women Tell Themselves When They’re In Denial About Wanting To Break Up With Their Boyfriend

Chris Devers
Chris Devers

1. I’ve invested so much effort already. I can’t just give it all up and start from square one.

2. If I give him the space and time he’s asking for, everything will go back to normal.

3. In the beginning, our chemistry was pure magic. It’ll be forever before I find someone else I can get so close to again.

4. It’s my fault things have gotten so bad lately. And it’s up to me to make things right again.

5. I should count myself lucky to have someone—even if he isn’t exactly there for me.

6. I just don’t see myself being any better off without him. I won’t be happy if I’m single. I’ll just be lonely.

8. If he’s not showing interest in me anymore, I should just be more interesting.

9. He wasn’t really flirting with that waitress, or those girls at the party last weekend. Even if he was, I’m strong enough to handle it.

10. Somewhere deep inside is the guy I first fell for, who treated me well and who cared deeply about our future together. He’s bound to resurface again. How can I walk away knowing that?

11. Relationships are hard work. I need to devote more time and energy to us. Nothing else matters.

12. Just because he says he isn’t ready for a serious relationship, doesn’t mean he actually feels that way.

13. Sure, it’s become more and more apparent that we have totally different values. But opposites attract. Maybe that’s why it worked so well in the first place. I can’t expect to find someone whose general outlook on life mirrors mine.

14. I’m about five blowjobs and ten sexts away from fixing this.

15. If I rearrange my priorities to accommodate his needs, things will get better. I just have to reshuffle my schedule a little so we can spend more time together.

16. We’re so comfortable in bed together. It’s not worth starting all over again with someone else.

17. He’s just not the gentlemanly type. I don’t need a guy to do nice things for me, or to be polite.

18. We have such a great story to tell our grandkids about how we met. That has to be worth holding onto.

19. It’s not that he doesn’t respect me. He just honestly doesn’t always know how to conduct himself like a decent human being. It’s not his fault.

20. Love and intimacy don’t just evaporate. It’s all there—somewhere. I just have to rekindle the flame, as they say.

21. It’s not like he’ll be this immature forever. As he gets older he’s bound to change. I can wait.

22. I’ll miss the way he [insert quirky habit here] way too much. I can’t let go of that.

23. It’s doesn’t necessarily mean anything that he wants to spend so many nights apart.

24. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t like any of my friends, or that he talks shit about them. They’re just not his type.

25. All couples fight. It’s healthy to argue, even if we never really resolve anything.

26. It’s okay to want completely different things out of life. We’ll just have to compromise.

27. If anyone can handle long distance, it’s us.

28. In a way, it’s a good thing he bores me. I shouldn’t expect to be entertained by my boyfriend constantly.

29. My parents might not think he’s all that wonderful, but he’ll grow on everyone eventually.

30. I should probably just get used to the fact that he’s so busy and stop complaining that the doesn’t make time for me.

31. Maybe he’s not perfect, but there’s probably no one else as perfect for me.

32. He’s a really good guy—at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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