Smoking Weed Will Help Save My Life

image - Flickr / Smokers High Life
image – Flickr / Smokers High Life

Cancer.  It’s a little word with a lot of baggage.  I have cancer.  And I am fighting it in the best way possible – with cannabis.  Marijuana.  Pot, weed, dank, smoke, 420, whatever you want to call it…

I call it hope.

Just over a year ago. I was an out-of-control morbidly obese undiagnosed diabetic with bilateral peripheral neuropathy, gout, peripheral artery disease, and situational depression.  I weighed over 300 pounds.  How much over, I do not know.  I told myself at 285 that I did not want to see 300.  So, I quit getting on the scale.  That was easy…

Then the big intervention, when my best beloved finally convinced me to quit digging my own grave with my own mouth.  I decided to use a low carb approach.  Using the hemp oil daily, I found that I was able to relieve the cravings, the demands for “forbidden foods” – those that were not low carb.  I realized after a month or so that I was not feeling hungry nearly as often, and those devastating “feed me sugar NOW” demands were only a disquieting murmur in the back of my mind – easily silenced and ignored.  Cannabis allows this to happen.  One of the best therapeutic effects that I have found from cannabis use is that mental cyclones are diminished to summer rain showers.  The circular worrying at things, like the dog with a bone, just does not get very far before I can effect a change, and think more positively, changing my mental state consciously.  Yes, Virginia.  You can think yourself into a better mood when medicating with cannabis.  Giggle weed?  Yes please…make it a double.

A year later, I am weighing in around 160. My top weight, in Alaska, was recorded at 337.  I only found this out recently, when I had need to dig out those old medical records.  Well, one goal down, I never actually saw a scale with 300 on it.  Honestly, looking back, that would not have been enough to make a difference.  Nothing did.  It took the love of a great heart, who cared enough to slice and dice me in order to fix me, AND the healing properties of cannabis to make that happen.

And just in time.  Two days ago, I was informed that I have cancer of the right breast.  I am scheduled for additional testing to determine how much, how deep, how bad.  Doesn’t matter.  Really.  I have cancer.  I will cure it with a concentrate of whole plant cannabis extract.  That extract cannot read medical reports.  It does not know, nor does it care what stage the cancer is in, whether it has metastasized or not…and, I trust the cannabis.  All that the next round of tests will accomplish will be to establish where we started measuring the effectiveness of the cannabis on the cancer.  I don’t know which way that cancer is headed.  Was that biopsy indicative of cancer that is growing and spreading – or cancer that is being treated by the cannabis that I have taken already?  We have one measurement of my cancer.

Imagine a snapshot of a car on a street.  How, from just that picture, can you tell which way the car is going?  Sure, logic and experience would lead you to assume that it is going forward, since that is how cars usually go down the street.  But we can’t tell.  That car could be reversing up the street – or even parked – not going anywhere at all.  With only a single set of pictures, increase or decrease is impossible to determine.

That means, I get three hypothesis for this scenario.  One – the cancer is dormant.  It is just lying there like a sleeping cat – drowsing in a warm cozy bower.  Least likely of the three – maybe 2 percent chance.

My remaining choices? Either the cancer is growing, or the cancer is shrinking.  Equally possible at this point – we just do not know.  So, I get to choose which hypothesis I want to believe, at least until more data is returned.

And I choose to believe that the cancer has already heard the last bell, and is ordering its final round.

I often hear, usually as an argument clincher, “Yeah, but would you bet your life on it?”  I am.  I am betting my life that cannabis will cure my breast cancer.  Literally.

For more information about cannabis as effective medicine, please check out the following link.  I know little about this list, except that whoever took the time to put this together was a dedicated and determined person.  On these pages, you will find actual scientific proof of the efficiency of cannabis as a medicine for a laundry list of medical issues.  Not much of that proof is Made In America, however, as the Federal Government will not allow for legitimate studies on cannabis.  They can roll THAT law up in hemp paper and ignite it.

The time has come, the walrus said,
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Cannabis will cure my cancer,
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