You Are Good Enough, Despite Your Self Doubts

Paige Marie
Paige Marie

How often do we put self-doubt on ourselves? It could be the way we parent or how others perceive your parenting.

There are days where we may feel as though we really aren’t doing a good job. We as parents or career’s struggle. They’re yelling, screaming, crying or just being so frustrating that you want to explode. You want to go and hide under the doona with your crayons colouring in your mindful adult colouring book. Reality is we can’t. We can’t run. We can’t hide, well not for too long anyway. I can admit to playing an extra long game of hide and seek with Ivie. Except she didn’t know we were playing nor did she know how to play.

Being a mother or father is a hard job.

It isn’t as easy as it gets perceived to you to be. It’s long days, sometimes longer nights. It’s draining and it’s tiring. But it is so worth it. It really is. No matter how times you want to play hide and seek there are moments that just make you realize how lucky we are that we get to experience this draining loving little human.

I find myself often looking at other mothers and wishing I was like them, they seem to have it all. Honestly I do. Those little boxes of photos on social media make it look so good. Even my photos can make things look fantastic. Truth be told one photo, two photos even three photos don’t capture a 24 hour day. They don’t capture the time I’m eating and cooking chocolate in the corner whilst my 2 year old pegs blocks at me.

They don’t capture the time that I’m boarder line about to wee my pants because my 2 year old has decided she wants to wee before me and sing twinkle twinkle little star at the same time. They don’t capture the fight I have with an 8 year old that he can’t wear the same pair of socks for three days in a row. They don’t capture Nolan and I arguing about money and my spending. They usually capture smiles, love, laughter and fantastic materialistic things. Things that make me feel better. I do however ensure I make the real photos of my life come out. The ones Ivie is screaming, I’m screaming, Ivie is screaming again and again and again and again.

Because that is real life.

So, please don’t sit there and think that we have it all together and doubt yourself and your family. Because we don’t. We are just like you. I struggle with the same stupid scenarios as you do. Such as “yes you do have to wear pants outside, no you can’t wear your swimmers, yes you can be a ballerina princess but not in the middle of the carpark, no you can’t taste the dog meat before we give it to the dog”.

We are all in similar situations. It doesn’t matter what type of house you live in or what type of car you drive being a parent is a hard job. At some point we all have self-doubt. It may only be for a minute but it’s enough to make you feel as though you’re not good enough. Not good enough to be their parent. But you are. You really are good enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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