6 Reasons To Date An Independent Woman

Eat Pray Love
Eat Pray Love

The girl who wants you, but doesn’t need you. The girl who is perfectly happy waiting for what she deserves instead of being with just anyone. Some of these women have already found themselves in relationships, and some of these women have not. Here’s an ode to the strong, beautiful, happily single girl. (Even the ones who have transformed into happily taken girls.)

1) We’re capable of doing things for ourselves. We’ve mastered the art of being our own boyfriend, and along with that comes handling the things that a boyfriend might do. Paying for meals, building a desk, killing that spider. It’s not necessarily a mans job, but we know how to take care of it even if that’s what society tells us you should be doing.

2) We want you to do things without us. We don’t need to be on your hip everyday, or be texting you all day long. You have your friends, and we have ours. We both have our own families, interests, hobbies, and jobs to attend. Please – go out there and do your thing. Being able to tell each other about our days and weeks over dinner is much better than hourly updates via text message.

3) When we’re with you, we’re with you. A happily single, independent woman won’t date you just to date you. A happily single, independent woman won’t be with you just to feel the comfort of being in a relationship. If you manage to scoop a happy single, independent woman off of her feet, know she’s in it 100%.

4) We’re confident. It may sound corny, but we’re really, really confident. We’ve been to weddings, birthdays, holiday parties and much more by ourselves. We’ve managed to have a blast in a room full of couples at one point in time. We’re confident on our own, and adding a guy we care about to the mix would just add to the bliss of it all, not take over it.

5) You don’t have to babysit us. If we’re out with your friends, we’re perfectly fine catching up with them on our own. You don’t have to waist any of the time you have with your friends making sure we’re comfortable. We can hold a conversation and make new friends on our own while we’re at it.

6) We’re not into rushing things. Marriage and babies and moving in together all sound great – at the right time. We have the rest of our lives to experience all of these magical things together, because we wouldn’t be with you if we didn’t think it would last in the first place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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