Stop Calling Men Creepy


This is in response to one of my previous articles, “Stop Calling Women Crazy”, which generated a lot of different opinions, and I just had to jump in. It seems, some of you men out there were a bit taken back that I thought you should stop calling women crazy, without any reference to the names that women call men also under false pretense. Valid point, boys, and two points for calling me out on that. Because, well, you’re right.

Women of the world: we have got to stop calling every man that we’re not interested in “creepy.” If a guy approaches you at the bar, wants to buy you a drink, maybe asks you to dance, and you’re just not interested – this doesn’t automatically make him a creep. Say “no thank you”, don’t accept the free drink just because it’s free, and carry on. If you’re genuinely not interested in somebody, why take the drink? Go take a drink from a guy (who offers) that you’d want to share it with, instead of saying “thanks!” and peace-ing out to the dance floor with your friends, only to wonder why the heck the guy is trying to strike up conversation again. This doesn’t make him creepy. This makes him confused as to why you disappeared. Even though you don’t owe him a dang thing, it’s just not morally right.

I felt it was important to bring this topic afloat since time after time I see it occur. I myself am guilty of calling a random guy “creepy”, just because he was there. I’ve witnessed friends of mine call a guy a creep just because he remained in the same bar after being turned down by a few girls. In reality, why does he have to leave? Why does that make him creepy?

I know that I’m probably going to receive a few strong words from my fellow, fabulous women out there, and that’s okay. Which by the way, your outfit looks really pretty today – but that’s besides the point. If we don’t want men calling us “crazy”, maybe we should stop calling them “creepy.” It’s shot for shot over here, and every time we call a guy a creep, we sort-of-maybe-just-a-little-bit invite them to call us crazy.

However, and I think most of you men can agree, sometimes there really are just plain ol’ creepy men. Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable in their presence. Sometimes we have to keep looking behind us while walking to our car because of said creepy guy, and that sort of scenario cannot be lost in this discussion. What I’m talking about today are the guys that we just throw the “creeper” label at for shits and giggles. When in reality, all they did was wink at you from across the bar, or act in a way that society would label weird.

Unless they are staring at you while you sleep, or you witness them looking through your windows at 2:30pm on a Tuesday, lets put the word “creep” to sleep. Now “Jerk”, well jerk is a whole other story. TC Mark

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