5 Downfalls Of Being The Youngest Sibling

Although there are many perks to being the younger/cooler/better looking sibling, it still kind of sucks. Here’s why:

1. They tormented you. Like FOR REAL.

I’m sorry, but you’re a lying sack of fried pickles if you claim to have never been picked on by your older sibling(s). I have two older brothers and they tormented my little 8 year old life. I’m talking chasing me around with bologna (which I really skeeved as a kid), kicking my Barbie Dream House after I spent HOURS setting it up perfectly, and throwing me down the stairs to see if I can bounce. Not to mention, all of those embarrassing things they made you do to try to convince you that you were ~*~cOoL~*~.

2. Hand-Me-Downs.

In hindsight, hand-me-downs are pretty cool. Vintage-ish and awesome, if I may? However, when you were 12 years old they were the WORST. No, I do not want your acid wash jeans from 7th grade just because your fat ass can no longer fit into them. No, I do not want your half broken tattoo choker from 1998. No, I do not want your old sundress from Easter of 03’. You just wanted your own shit, ya feelz me? Now that you’re older, you realize how expensive clothing and stuff of importance actually is, and accept why you had to wear your older brothers Sonic pajamas for 4 years.

3. You were expected to excel.

If you had an older sibling who was exceptionally good in a particular category, you were expected to reach that same bar of success, if not surpass it altogether. Hell hath no fury like a younger sibling trying to keep up with the accomplishments of thy older sibling.

4. “Oh look, another one of our kids is walking. Cool.”

Been there, done that, saw a small child learn to walk already. None of those cool little-human achievements are that exciting anymore because, well, your family already had their “OMG look, it’s walking!” moments.

5. It was harder to get away with things.

Sometimes, being the youngest sibling means your parents are already tired, and just don’t give a shit anymore. Other times, it means your parents learned all of the tricks that you could pull, all of the fake excuses you can give, and every window in the house that opens from the outside for you to sneak in from. Your older sibling(s) tested the waters, and in the end, it made your parents a lot smarter. TC Mark

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