5 Perks Of Being The Youngest Sibling

Growing up with an older sibling(s) typically means you’re pushed around, expected to live up to the same standards, or maybe even get a bit lost in their shadow. However, what people often forget are all of those advantages we had (and still have!) as the younger, cooler, slightly better looking (?) sibling.

1. You learned from their mistakes.

They stayed out past curfew first, spoke back to your parents first, and brought home a failing report card first. You got to sit back, watch them get their ass handed to them, and take mental notes of what not to do.

2. You got to hang out with kids that were older than you.

You were the bees-freakin-knees in elementary school because some of the older kids knew who you were. You hung out in your siblings room with them while their friends were over, got to experience all of their cool, older kid birthday parties, and knew that Joey and Lisa from 8th grade loved bacon on their pizza. You learned life lessons by listening in on their phone calls, whether it be about boys, video games, or how kissing couldn’t make you pregnant.

3. You developed a thick skin early in life.

You kind of had to. With being picked on, pushed around, and emotionally destroyed from all of those times they locked you out of their room, nothing bothers you anymore. Oh.. you don’t want to hang out tonight? Whatever. I’ll just hide your tamagotchi. Wait.

4. You also developed a sense of humor.

Your older siblings probably had you doing the dumbest shit to convince you that it would make you cool. And you did it. Every.Single.Time. You just wanted them to like you so badly. Climb on top of the bookcase and see if you can fly? Sure. Go outside with a pair of underwear on your head? All the cool kids are doing it. It’s kind of hard to get embarrassed over something small, like telling a stupid joke, when there is photographical evidence out there of you wearing your grandmothers nightgown and shower cap.

5. You had a built in friend.

You were born into this world with a friend. Someone to play with. Someone to blame. Your older sibling had nobody when they entered this world. It was just him/her and a pile of lonely blocks. Whatta loserface. TC Mark

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