10 Things You Need To Remember After A Tragic Breakup

10 Things You Need To Remember After A Tragic Breakup

1. You’re alright. You will be okay. Millions of people have walked through the same page and right now they are still perfectly satisfied with their lives. So rest assured – Time does heal all wounds. You just have to move along with it.

2. The saying that it takes half the length of the relationship to recover from a breakup is nonsense. Not everyone fits into the same pair of shoes. Each of us takes different amount of time to heal. Days, weeks, months, or even years. Take your time and be patient. You will eventually get there.

3. Let go. Yes, I know letting go is hard and easier said than done. But only if you choose to cling to the past all the time. Don’t hold on to this lost cause. Bear in mind that those times are gone for good, and they are not coming back either. Your happiness is based on the choices you make everyday.

4. Maintaining contact with your ex-lover is always a terrible idea. I assume you would never want that person from the past to anchor you down and stop you from blossoming. The persistence of false hope can be fatal. You deserve the right to enjoy living in the present, not the past.

5. You don’t have to force yourself to hate and forget your ex-lover. Thanks them instead, I am sure you two had a great time. After all, memories are meant to be made, or mistakes.

6. Go and meet some new people. Expand your social circle. Good or bad, whatever. Be the social buttery and make some awesome friends. Listen to their not-so-great life stories and laugh at their awful jokes. As long as you know life is too short to cry over spilt milk, or well, ex-lovers.

7. It is completely unnecessary to throw away all the pictures and love letters. Just put them away until someday you feel like it is okay to take a trip down memory lane. They are part of you and they will always be meaningful to you. Maybe you might even find them amusing to look at when you are older.

8. Enjoy your own company. Try to love and embrace your true self. Finally you have time for yourself to nurture and relax. Be happy and appreciate the silence. You are good enough on your own and you can probably pamper yourself better than anyone anyway.

9. Take it slow. Never rush into another relationship by getting back into the dating pool. Only when you know you are ready. There is more to life than falling in love with a wrong person.

10. How do you know the next lover is “The One”? How do you know the next relationship will not end in disaster? Is the risk worthwhile? Here’s the truth – you will never know. But you can always try to work that out. Learn your lesson and be a better partner next time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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