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The Power Of Spoken Word Poetry

“Creative storytelling – whether it’s spoken word, music, or even your crazy little blog – is so powerful because it flips that paradigm. By telling your own personal truth, you’re able to break out of the boxes and stereotypes and show us, “Hey, this is who I really am. Take a good, hard look.”

Why Do We Need A Reminder To Be Kind?

Ideally, we would be cognizant enough of the need that exists in our communities—for children, for veterans, for the homeless and the hungry, for the disadvantaged—because the circumstances through which most people find themselves in a position of need are generally out of their control.

Why Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a movement that began two years ago to create a national day that would kick off the giving season each year.

Black Friday: The Animal Instinct Of Consumerism

Every year, thousands flock to retail stores to get their hands on a fantastic deal. The lines between need and want blur away as the shopping lists are checked off, check-out lines grow longer and longer, people get angrier, and retail staff try to stay out of the fray.