10 Things People Don’t Appreciate Enough


As the child of a middle class family, I’ve been guilty of forgetting that not everyone has these ten things. Read it, realize it, and be thankful you do. Count your blessings and appreciate the little things (even if some of these are literally big).

1. Access to free and clean water

Too often than not, people forget that water isn’t something everyone has access to. In fact, over 780 million people world wide don’t have access to clean water. Next time you turn on the faucet, be thankful.

2. A Bed

Mmm. That temperpedic sure is comfortable. Remember that people across the world are doing their very best and sleep in shacks. Don’t walk around thinking you’re entitled to a full size bed, be grateful you have one.

3. Loving parents

I used to hate when my mom would yell at me, but now I wish I could have her yell at me over and over again. Some parents are so uninvolved in their child’s life that the kid actually wishes they had those overbearing type of parents. Be thankful yours want to spearhead every booster club committee and fly to your every parent weekend at college. Parents rock.

4. $20

Think about it… to some people, $20 is absolutely nothing. They basically throw it away on useless items. For other people, it’s their whole world, their whole income. That one bill can make or break some families.

5. Showers

Without them, our society would smell so bad. Plus there would be way more infections and diseases. We’re privileged to be able to take one once a day.

6. Internet

This one isn’t nearly as important or wholesome than the others. However, without it, I wouldn’t be able to talk to my family and friends across the world. I’d also probably still be researching the first paper I ever wrote in 8th grade in some library so Happy 25th Birthday Internet- you rock. (mostly you Wikipedia, you’re definitely a credible source).

7. College Education

If you’re studying in college be thankful. Don’t just assume that education is a right to have, other people around the globe desire one and love learning wholeheartedly, but don’t have access to educational material. Love your times tables, love your textbooks, and thank whoever is paying for your college tuition.

8. Fresh food

Eating organic and fresh is cool and trendy, but it’s super expensive. Whether your meals are Spaghetti-o’s from the pantry or a 5-course dinner, be thankful you have food on your plate and nourishment for your body.

9. Medicine

Without it you probably would have died from the flu you had at age 9 just like people in the 1700’s so count your blessing and thank your doctors/scientists.

10. Clothes and Shoes

Have you ever walked on gravel, rocks or hot cement without shoes? Hasn’t that made you glad you have them? I know I love having a jacket in the winter. I’m even lucky I have different wardrobes for each season. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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