16 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Big

Whether you’re a fan of the Greek system or not, there’s a reason sorority girls are obsessed with their bigs. Here are 16 of mine.

(1) Before you even know who they are, they shower you with presents.

(2) They guide you through everything: learning the names of everyone in the house, learning the creed. EVERYTHING.

(3) You always have a guaranteed meal partner. Want to go out for dinner? Bet the big wants some. Want a home cooked meal? Time to call the Big.

(4) Your big is literally your twin, your other half, your soul mate.

(5) When it comes to Halloween, you know who you want to do a double character costume with.

(6) Don’t know if you really like your outfit? Your big will tell you, and man, will she be brutally honest.

(7) You have one automatic like on Facebook/Instagram and favorite on Twitter for everything you post.

(8) Two words: shopping buddy.

(9) Because of daily selfies. Everyone loves iMessages of pure, ratchet selfies.

(10) She’ll always listen to your problems, no matter how minute.

(11) And when things get serious, you have quite the support system to fall back on.

(12) When their parents come to visit on campus, they’ll probably visit you too (fingers crossed).

(13) Your big gives you the hookup for anything she’s involved in, as you do in return for her.

(14) That’s one guaranteed bridesmaid….if you ever find a man to marry…

(15) She’ll teach you things she’s learned in life and ensure you don’t make the same stupid mistakes.

(16) She’s like Mary Poppins, “practically perfect in every way.” Plus, she’s your big and how could you not love her? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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