21 Little-Known Vines That Tell Amazing Stories

Indie Vine Mixtape: Vol. 1
Illustration by Meghan Doherty
Illustration by Meghan Doherty

With the popularity of Vine exploding in the past year, it is increasingly difficult to find good shit. If you’re new to the app, or still shakily traversing it, there is a lot of content to turn you off. However, underneath all the tweens and pseudo celebs making endless selfie faces, there are a lot of talented artists, musicians and videographers that use Vine to tell amazing stories. Their work can range from beautiful to sad to hilarious. You won’t find them on the Popular Page, they are not verified, and they are not celebrities, but they use Vine to tell amazing stories.

1. Reno&Camille – “la passion est vrai”

2. Tragic Tofu

3. Le Seb Ettinger

4. Tom Shea – “Sighting.”

5. Reno Shaw – “Expectations”


6. Ricky Montgomery – “I Don’t Get It.”

7. Vi and Vie – “Noel and Noelle”

8. The Industry of Mind – “Pt. 1 > Going For A Ride. *Ft Visuals: frinothajino Compiled By: Jenn Griff”

9. Keelay James – “Oh no i ruined it for you :(“

10. Camille Zapata – “I hate my job”

11. Ben Talley – “#WorkVine

12. Corypoppins – “Friday nights”

13. dagnasty and Kelsey Anonsen – “Cannibals Anonymous loses another member (w/ Kelsey Anonsen )”

14. Avery Monsen – “Computer games used to be so weird.”

15. Shaady – “It’s Not Here.”

16. namestoocommon – “I could have been anything.”

17. MATTA_TAT – “Hey, Wake Up…”

18. Claudia Cukrov – “Mom, Dad?”

19. Rory Dickenson – “No Peaches For The Foolish Heart”

20. Lunar Mayor – “lol :) :(“

21. In Harmonium – “The Ugly Duck”

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