4 Telling Signs Your Negativity Is Highly Contagious And Infecting Those Around You

People and anything going on around us are major mood influencers. When a few too many unfortunate things happen we may accidentally become a negative Nancy, Debbie downer, or just downright not ourselves. Sometimes there comes a realization that you have to do something but you aren’t sure how to mend your negative self.

If you are getting a feeling and feel like people don’t want to listen to you, hang out with you, ask you anything about your day or life you may have a rain cloud following you. Ways to know if your negativity is affecting those around you and how to turn the frown around:

1. Less positive and more negative people around you.

In this case opposites do not attract and is all in the eye of the beholder.

NOTICE those around you and see whose mood and bad vibes you feed off of. Being aware and in tune with your own negative emotions vs. someone’s negative energy is different. Your negative emotions are from something YOU think or feel. Someone’s negative energy makes us feel negative with or rationalization. As humans we try to find rational logic and then you form your own negative emotion you caught from someone’s “bad vibes”.

2. Your conversations revolve around you and your negativity.

Topics of conversation are your problems and the current problem of today. Your struggle and how the bus never came. Well the bus driver must have also had a bad day too. You ask for opinions and advice but you actually do not care. Or people give you advice hoping you will shut up.

Always think first before speaking to others about your problems and pains of the day. Is it something you would want someone to complain to you about right now? And how would it feel if someone was whining to you about the same topic? Simply internalize or write down your negative banter unless it’s an absolute concern and problem worth vocalizing. Ask yourself is this something the listener genuinely cares to hear and will assist in your problem solving. After a while the crowd you use as a path or expression may give suggestions you disregard and over time will no longer care for your complaints or problems.

3. You start to not make eye contact or use the excuse of stress, tired, busy.

Well this I don’t fully understand but I’ve witnessed. I understand when you’re tired it might be hard to go for a jog. When you are stressed or busy it must be hard to relax. But if you have gotten to the point where you’re so fiery negative that you can’t be a civilized human and make eye contact. Notice this and make an effort or a point to make a connection with everyone you speak to or are in the general close proximity of. Avoiding eye contact isolates yourself further from those around you. It also makes others uncomfortable and feel your negative energy more. Connect with people and stop using excuses for your negativity. Don’t avoid the people around you or the root cause of the negativity.

4. Your brain stops remembering positivity.

You begin to set negative, as it’s default mode. Literally you stop noticing what you say how you act and how you feel. You start to always feel negative, cloudy like Eeyore. FIND the activities that make you happy. Go on pintrest, thought catalog or whatever floats your boat to react positive brain activity.

If after reading the above you feel you have these negative tendencies then it is time to make a change, force a smile, and find gratitude for all that is around you. Embrace happiness and small simple victories. Stop yourself from negativity and remember that you are the only person that can decide how you feel and why. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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