Live Each Moment In The Present Because It’s All You’ve Got


As cliché as it may sound, life really is unpredictable. No crystal ball can tell what the future holds for us. And that is exactly where the thrill lies. The reality of living is ‘uncertainty’. Not knowing where the mystical road of life leads us to, but bearing a little hope and faith, we keep walking ahead. Living in a constant state of fear, doubt, worry, and anxiety about your past or your future is only going to ruin the beautiful aura of today.

Someone had once told me, “Live each moment at a time. Take each day at once and you will find your life falling right in place. Faith and hope are two of the few strong drivers of your life.” This makes sense, doesn’t it?

As a kid, I always wanted to be a grown-up and now that I am technically a grown-up, I can’t help but miss my childhood days and wish I could go back and never grow up. Let us face it; we can’t undo what is done. Neither can we replay the past, nor can we fast-forward to the future. All we have with us right now is our present. Do not ruin your present with the regrets from the past or the worries of your future.

It is very crucial to keep your life simple in order to save yourself from being trapped in the messy web created by yourself, by the complex thoughts in your head. The more you complicate your life, the more you will push happiness away from yourself. And I was also told, “It’s all in your head. The day you learn to control your mind is the day you will be the master of your life. Do not let your mind control your happiness, be in-charge of your own happiness and the controller of your life.”

There are going to be monsters fighting wars in your head, sadness is inevitable, people will come and go, but all of this will shape you as a person. Growth comes from the battles you have fought alone, scars and wounds that are left on your body, hurt, and the agony that your inner demons have caused. The minute you set yourself free from these demons, you will triumph over the entire world’s demons. You will become powerful and unstoppable. Moreover, remember, strong people are not the ones who make no mistakes, rather they learn from their mistakes. We all are humans, after all, we are meant to fall and rise and there is nothing called as perfection.

Don’t let the word ‘perfection’ bewilder you. Perfection is nothing but a state of mind. If you can go to bed without any regrets, you have lived a perfect day. Do not judge yourself by the standards that the society has set for you, rather set standards for your own self and set your own definitions. Don’t nail yourself to the cross for something that made you happy but not the society. If your conscience allows you do a particular thing and that’s where your happiness belongs, then leave the society behind and go for it.

Be powerful. Be strong. A happy life awaits you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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