If You Want Forever, Look For Those Who Speak To Your Soul

 Caleb Ekeroth
Caleb Ekeroth

There are some who never leave you, who will always stick by your side. Not because of the vows or because they are bounded by the relationship but because their smile lies with you.

They know that you look good only when you smile. They realize the power of your smile. They are the ones who make you smile despite being broken on inside. Their heart melts in the coldest hour when they see you smile. That is the power of your smile.

Such are the people who go out of their way only to ensure your safety. They are the ones who will take efforts to make things better no matter what; they will not judge you for your mistakes for they know that your mistakes do not define you. Don’t be afraid, they won’t judge you for your past either.

You rarely find such people in life and when you find them, make sure you value them for they are priceless. You’ll wear your widest smile when you are around them.

If you genuinely laugh with them, I can tell for sure you cannot cry alone. They take care of your fragile heart like it’s their own.

Sit with them with your legs closed and hearts open and have conversations that will connect the soul.

Physical relations are easier to end, you cannot live with just a body forever. If you want to have a forever, let the souls connect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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