A 23 Year Old’s Letter To High School Seniors

When I was 18, I was worried about what my life was going to be like. I didn’t do well in high school because of bullying and the constant moving my family was doing. Instead of going to a community college and wasting money on something that I didn’t even know if I wanted to do, I decided to live life.

I learned a lot about myself in the past 5 years and have seen some incredible things. I’ve traveled, made new friends, lost friends, gained and walked away from a religion, and truly discovered who I am and what I am meant to do. At 18, I was a hardcore Christian who wanted to be a wife and stay-at-home mom. Today, I’m the Agnostic woman pursuing her dreams. Dreams she wouldn’t have uncovered if it weren’t for that time exploring life.

My advice to seniors in high school, especially those who are freaking out about what they want to be after they graduate, is to take a year or two off from college. Get a job, go travel, learn about yourself and who you are, because only then will you find your life path and hopefully the kind of person that you want to be. You don’t have to feel stressed about choosing a path now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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