I Have A Few Questions About Dating

A list by The Gaggle’s Megan Snyder.

You don’t have to wander very far into the world wide web to find dating/relationship advice. There are articles that tell you how to know when a guy will call, or what her favorite drink says about her views on marriage, or the 148 signs that he might be a cheater. Every question about dating has seemingly been answered.

And yet, I still have questions. But just a few:

  • If you’re an adult, do you have a crush on someone or are you just “interested”? Is the idea of having a crush synonymous with the years of braces, AP Calc exams and prom?
  • Is there a difference between flirting and talking? Like when people say, “We’re just talking,” when asked about his/her romantic situation with another person, what exactly does that mean?
  • What conversation topics aren’t off-limits or boring or too revealing on a first date?
  • Is it okay to refer to my ex-boyfriend as my friend if he’s been my friend longer than he was ever my boyfriend?
  • How much information really is too much information?
  • Do you really “just know” when you meet The One? I mean really, what level of certainty are we talking about here?
  • At what point are you allowed to hold hands? From the jump? Or just at some point during the first date? Maybe not until the second date? Is this another “you just know” situation?!
  • Are some people really put-off by hand-holding?
  • Why do fools fall in love?
  • If I don’t drink, how do I convince my date that I truly don’t mind if he drinks? Will he ever believe me?
  • Is it rude if I open my own car door instead of waiting for the guy to do it?
  • Can I be mad if my date is late? How late?
  • What’s a good time for a dinner reservation?
  • Am I really allowed to just be myself, or do I have to be myself within in the social constructs our society has created around dating?
  • Is it possible to be single for too long?
  • What about dateless? Do I have to explain why it’s been so long since my last date?
  • My chest is more bony than bosomy. Does this freak guys out? Do I avoid v-necks, or do I showcase my sternum with pride?

I think that’s everything. But what about everybody else? Do you have answers to any of my questions? Do you have some unanswered questions of your own? TC Mark

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