I’ll Never Be Sorry For You

Holly Lay
Holly Lay

You may not know it now, but you will regret your decision. I will not.
There will be times when you wonder about me and your future. I will not.
On occasion you will think of all the little things I did for you. I will not.
You will question your choice to go back to what you left. I will not.

You brought temporary happiness to my life, never to be permanent. I am thankful.
We had an unexpected connection, one that came at our lowest times. I am thankful.
Deep conversations were shared, which brought light to darkness. I am thankful.
Our compassion toward each other was natural and necessary. I am thankful.

Life led you to me only to help lift you up in a moment of necessity. I expected this.
Your gaps were filled with my time, only when you wanted them to be. I expected this.
I was always a secret, someone you relied on but never truly cared for. I expected this.
We jokingly talked about the future, but it was only ever fictional. I expected this.

You will miss the ways in which I knew exactly how to care for you. I am sorry.
From day one, I knew your ambition would never match mine. I am sorry.
I will not spill your truths, but you must live in the mess you made. I am sorry.
Your lies are forever bearing down on your soul, I live honestly. I am sorry.

Forget me, you will not.
Forever, I am thankful.
Leaving, you expected this.
For you, I’m not sorry. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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