The Power Of Taking Small Steps

Everything in the world right now feels uncertain. It hasn’t made life easy. Even before these moments, life was not easy.

A lot of us have used this free time to try and become a better person in ourselves. When we want to make a change in our lives, people automatically think it should be a significant change, but that isn’t always the way for everyone. I’ve done this previously, and once I don’t achieve this significant change, I lose all hope and become disappointed with myself. This then becomes a constant cycle.

I’ve read self-help, self-love, and confidence books. I have been working out, running, eating healthy, and meditating, so you’d think I’d be happy and feel like I have my life together.

Wrong—I don’t, and that’s perfectly okay.

We all have the perception that if we do particular things that we’ve seen someone else doing (for example, a celebrity or someone we look up to), then it must be the right thing, and once we do it, then YES, we’ll live happily ever after.

If we do certain things or tick off lists every day, then we’ll be satisfied and content with our lives. For some people, that works, and there is nothing wrong with that. I’d love to be that person that did find it so easy to be happy and feel like they were on the right track.

But for others, like myself, it’s not always that easy.

We should focus on the small steps that lead up to something big altogether.

Sometimes, getting out of bed is the biggest achievement of the day. It could be going to the shop, putting on makeup, cooking a fresh homemade meal, or even making it to the gym once that week.

We should be proud of the little things. Once you start to do that, your whole outlook on life will change. You’ll feel happy in yourself and proud of what you’ve achieved!

One thing I’ve learned is that you should stop comparing yourself to others. No one has the same life path; no one has been put on this earth to live the same story.

Your biggest competitor should be the one in the mirror looking back at you. Be an inch better than the person you were yesterday.

Take those small steps to move forward—this is not a race.