Read This If You’re Going Through The Transition Period After A Breakup

I am a new person without them. Some might say a better person, some might think worse, but I am me, and this is how I’m coping each day moving forward.

The transition period of a breakup is daunting. You want to be happy; you try to make yourself happy, but you’re not fully there yet and you’re fed up of being tired and miserable over someone who doesn’t think about you anymore.

A lot of thoughts go through your head—what your family and friends think and the opinions of people who haven’t experienced heartbreak and think you’re being dramatic.

Heartache is a unique experience for everyone, and no one can be judged.

They were your best friend and your partner.

You were planning the rest of your life with the love of your life, only for them to show their true colours and inform you that they only ever saw you as temporary. It’s very hard to stop seeing that future, to replace it with the image of someone else.

The focus was them; it was always them.

Learning to be alone is just as hard. You’ve always done things as a couple or spoke constantly by text or phone call, and now not having that person is difficult to come to terms with.

It’s hard to accept that they’ve moved on and they no longer see you as their future when you’ve given your heart and your all to someone who so easily pushed that aside.

But when you start to go through the transition period of moving on and letting go, you see the cracks that did show. You start to realize you weren’t perfect. Even though you always made up, you start to realize the amount of arguments you had wasn’t okay; the way you treated one another wasn’t okay.

You slowly start to admit to yourself and your friends and family that what you went through wasn’t right.

Someone told me to go easy on myself because your partner leaving you is grief; it’s the death of the relationship that isn’t there anymore. It’s just a distant memory.

You may never stop loving them and that’s okay.

Just don’t let that person control your life now they’re gone. Don’t lose yourself and the people around you who want to be in your life when you’re focusing on someone who doesn’t want to be in yours anymore.

They were once your everything, but I promise you they weren’t the one. The universe has a plan for everyone.

One quote I wrote down at the start of my breakup was: “Do not manifest any negative thoughts. If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours, and if not, you deserve better, and the universe realizes that and will give you that.”

Know your worth and remember good things will come to you.

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