5 Things To Adore About Season 4 Of "The Crown"

5 Things To Adore About Season 4 Of “The Crown”

If you’re into British History or European History, the dynamics of The British Royal Family, it’s easy to get swept up in the magnificence that is The Crown on Netflix, and Season Four continues to keep such audiences glued to their screens.

Here are some things to look forward to as you binge Season 4. Should go without saying, spoilers ahead.

1. The costuming brilliance of Amy Roberts does not disappoint. She has recreated the most iconic outfits of Princess Diana, and Margaret Thatcher, and Queen Elizabeth II, so much so that I daresay one wouldn’t be able to tell the original from the remake. It’s truly remarkable and a lovely walk down memory lane.

2. The tender moments of Princess Margaret. Helena Bonham Carter is always a phenomenal actress, and her portrayal of Princess Margaret never ceases to stop me in her tracks. When she finds out that she has not one but two cousins who were scurried away to a mental institution and kept away not only from the public eye but the rest of the family, she freaks. And it’s wonderful to see her be the mirror that the Queen Mother so desperately needed.

3. I could watch Gillian Anderson play Margaret Thatcher all day long. ALL. DAY. LONG. Her portrayal is uncanny – and it made me want to learn even more than I already do about the former Prime Minister. There are moments when you have such a strong distaste for her and the moments when you’re rooting for her and heartbroken right alongside her. It’s complex with a capital C and acting at it’s finest.

4. I caught my breath when Princess Diana finally made it onto the screen. I was in seventh grade when she passed away, and yet, I remember it like it was yesterday. At the time, I was unsure why the world loved her so – I just knew that we all did and truly chalked it up to her being a real-life Princess. But it was never just about being a Princess with Lady Di. It was about being a human who was in an extraordinary circumstance, who reminded us all that we are, in fact, imperfect people who are trying to do the best in this crazy ride of life. Emma Louise Corrin transforms into Princess Diana, and it’s magnificent.

5. Olivia Coleman’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II is by far my favorite part of The Crown. And she continues to hold that title in Season 4. She is thoughtful, she is annoying, she is wise, she is stern, she is quiet, she is dazzling, she is everything a leader should strive to be, and everything an actor must strive to achieve. There are moments when you roll your eyes at the things she says so hard you might strain an eye muscle, moments when you want her to stand up and shout and get utterly disappointed when she doesn’t, and moments when you are so encouraged by her tenacity that all you can do is smile. She’s perfect.