50 Silly And Serious Questions That Have Come Up In Quarantine

1. Were people not washing their hands before this?

2. How can I make each day feel a little different so that it’s not some weird Groundhog Day, science fiction nightmare?

3. Since when are tigers pets?

4. Will we go to the theater ever again? The movies?

5. How will the movies be different if they reopen?

6. Who decided to get rid of drive-in movies, and can we please get them back?

7. Can you watch too much Netflix?

8. How much was I going to the grocery store before this pandemic?

9. Can I cancel my car insurance?

10. Where does inspiration come from?

11. Will I ever wear structured pants again?

12. What will it feel like to wear a bra again?

13. How much will it hurt when I finally get my eyebrows done?

14. How much grey hair do I have?

15. How long can I go without washing my hair and not becoming a greaseball?

16. Should I cut my husband’s hair?

17. Are fancy sweatpants a real thing or are they just a lie we’re holding on to right now?

18. When will kids go back to school?

19. When will ‘work’ resume as normal?

20. Is anything going to be normal ever again?

21. What will our new normal be?

22. What is normal, anyway?

23. How can we take the beautiful things we’re learning from this time and carry us forward?

24. Are handshakes really dead?

25. If we continue to wash our hands this diligently, can we preserve the art of the handshake?

26. After this is over, can we still be as kind to one another as we’re right now?

27. After this is over, can we still keep saying “hello” to one another as we pass them in the street?

28. Why didn’t we utilize FaceTime before this?

29. Why didn’t I invent Zoom?

30. Is it too late to invest in Zoom?

31. How can I transfer the skills I have to an online marketplace?

32. How can we preserve the joy of the brick and mortar shop?

33. How can I show up for my loved ones from afar?

34. Will letter writing make a comeback?

35. If I send a letter during quarantine, will it take longer than average?

36. What IS normal, anyway? (Yes, this bears repeating.)

37. Where’s the balance between repeating a routine and feeling like you’re on a dull, lifeless autopilot going about your daily tasks?

38. What day is it?

39. Do the weekends matter anymore?

40. What does matter?

41. How do you do a virtual game night?

42. Is all of this virtual technology helping us keep our humanity, or will it make us forget how to interact with one another in person?

43. When was the last time we hung out with our friends in person?

44. When was the last time we hung out with our entire family in person?

45. Will companies now be more reasonable about accomplishing tasks via email versus holding meetings in person?

46. How dressed up should one get for a virtual meeting?

47. When will Zoom get a filter like Instagram, if only for the days when no makeup on earth will help those under-eye circles?

48. Will I sleep comfortably ever again?

49. Will I wake up without fear ever again?

50. When this is all over, will we remember to appreciate the tiny moments of joy and the things in life that we cannot buy, like love, and health, and peace?

I hate styling my hair.

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