8 Things To Remember When It Seems Like Giving Up Is The Only Thing To Do

1. The world needs you. Yes, you. It needs your laughter, your love, and maybe a bit of your anger, too. There is only one mold for you—nobody could replace all that you are and all that you will be, so please don’t even think about giving up.

2. You are not alone. There are people in this world that care about you, even if they don’t verbalize or show it all the time. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own little bubbles at times, but just because someone doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean that they don’t care.

3. This too shall pass. When giving up seems like the only thing to do, I hope you remember that this feeling of defeat shall pass. When I was younger and upset about something, my mother used to tell me, “This too shall pass,” and it would often frustrate me. How could she say that this too would pass? At the time, it seemed like the heartache would never heal. At the time, it seemed like the frustration would never go away. At the time, it seemed like I would always feel a sense of disappointment. But as I got older, I understood what she meant. Time passes quickly, and feelings can come and go just as easily as we breathe. Saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t negate the darkness that feels as if it’s swallowing you whole, it just means that you hear the words that you don’t have to stay there forever.

4. It’s okay to ask for help. When giving up seems like the only thing to do, I hope you remember that it’s okay to ask for help. The notion that you’re all alone in this world and that nobody cares about you is a lie told by the devil to crush you. Some people want to help you. Some people want to hold your hand and be the shoulder that you need to lean on. Some friends want to be the ear that listens to all the thoughts running through your head. Ask for help when you need it – there’s no shame in that. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, either, for people need people – we are not built to live in a bubble of isolation.

5. Resting is not giving up. Remember that just because you need to rest, or unplug, or relax for a moment doesn’t mean that you’re throwing in the towel in life. It’s okay to take a break—it would be awful if that break lasted for forever.

6. Your small actions make a difference, even when it seems like the world is a dumpster fire and everything is wrong and awful. The video you post on Facebook of your baby giggling makes someone else giggle. The way you support a particular small business in times of crisis will be felt by not only those who work there but of their families, too. The world is too small and interconnected to go down the rabbit hole of saying that nothing you do matters—your small actions of goodness are the pebbles that cause ripples of meaningful change.

7. Good people exist. When giving up seems like the only thing to do, when the world seems like it’s crumbling at every turn and on every screen, remember that there are good people out there. There are good people who want to help make this world better. There are people who look to pour love into the chasms of hate and work tirelessly to make communities joyous for all.

8. Look for the joy. When giving up seems like the only thing to do, I’d urge you to look for the joy. It’s easy to focus on mounting bills, or world catastrophes, or heartbreak, or pain. But what would happen if you collected tiny moments of joy throughout your day? What would happen if you gave yourself a small gold star for doing the things that once seemed impossible? Like laughing again with a friend or having those tough conversations at the bank or the business office? Like making a monthly budget and actually sticking to it? Like sticking to your morning routine? There will always be elements in life that will look to steal your joy, but if you stop for a minute, you’ll see that there are plenty of moments that will feed it, too.

I hate styling my hair.

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