I Hope You Find A Friendship Like David Rose And Stevie Budd’s

Spoilers: Schitt’s Creek season 6

I hope you find a friendship like David Rose and Stevie Budd’s.

I hope you have a friend who you can tell your deepest darkest secrets to, and when you do, they won’t turn their back on you. Instead, they’ll let you know when you’re acting ridiculous and when you’re not giving yourself enough credit or when you’re giving yourself too much credit and acting like you’re the center of the universe.

Like when David tells Stevie that he’s pansexual, and, despite being in uncharted territory, Stevie doesn’t bat an eye. It doesn’t matter that she’s from a small town and has only been with men herself—she cares about David, and there isn’t a label around that will deter her from that.

Like when Stevie is afraid to dive headfirst into being Sally in Cabaret and David is the audience member who cheers and claps the loudest.

Like when they fight over who would be the better flight attendant, or when they’re both dating Jake, or when David first comes to Schitt’s Creek and Stevie doesn’t feed his immature behavior. Other friendships might’ve faltered at some of the experiences that these two have gone through. Still, for David and Stevie, these moments have only strengthened their bond.

When you have a friendship like David Rose and Stevie Budd’s, you know you’ll have at least one person in your life who will push you to dream bigger.

They’ll come with you on a road trip to meet the new person that you’re dating.

They’ll rearrange their schedules to support you at their wedding.

They’ll tell you the truth when you’re wearing an outfit to a job interview or date that is utterly horrific, and they’ll continue spouting honesty when you’re slacking off at work.

When you have a friendship like David Rose and Stevie Budd’s, you know that you are seen, heard, and loved.

You are no longer afraid of hiding your quirks.

You are no longer afraid of speaking your mind.

You are no longer afraid of being alone, for you know that you have met your person, your twin flame, and a friend that you can call on for forever.