No Matter What You’re Going Through, I Believe In You

I believe in you.

I believe that there is untapped greatness within the cells of your very being. Within you lies the ability to dream, to create, and to inspire. You’re the type of human who can make art out of a seedling of an idea. You’re the kind of human who sees the world in stories and pictures. You see tiny bits of beauty where the rest of us do not, and you spin that beauty into something extraordinary.

Your creative vision makes this world better, and I believe it, even when I cannot see it.

I believe in you.

I believe that your spirit is one that is giving. I believe that your heart is one for healing. I believe that you want to make this planet better, and your community better, and the world in which we all live better. I believe that your spirit and your heart of service are intertwined and that you genuinely want to give from what you’ve been given. Or maybe it’s that you want to give what you yourself has never received. And even though the ones around you might be tired and think that your heart for healing and your desire to serve is naive, I believe that the world needs more souls like yours.

I believe in your giving spirit, and I wish more people had it.

I believe in you.

I believe that you can do hard things. I believe when the world tells you “no,” you will not listen. I believe that you won’t shy away from tackling the mountain that stands before you—you’ll find a way to climb to the other side, and you’ll rejoice in how far you’ve come. I believe that when loss hits you in the gut, and when it feels like your heart has shattered beyond repair, you’ll find a way to put yourself back together. You’ll sew the pieces of what once was and make something new.

I believe that you have the strength to carry the parts of your soul into the days ahead, even when it hurts.

I believe in you.

I believe in your ability to love. You are worthy of receiving love, and you are capable of loving, too. Even when the dark parts of you feel as though they might swallow you whole, I know that there is a brilliant light—one that is warm, giving, and nurturing.

I believe in you.

I hope you believe in yourself, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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