A Thank You Letter To ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Schitt’s Creek spoilers ahead

Schitt’s Creek aired the season premiere of its final season last week, and if you haven’t been watching this show, I’d stop reading right now and go do that — it’s currently streaming on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Schitt’s Creek is a story about the Rose’s, a wealthy family that suddenly finds themselves broke and without a friend or a roof over their heads. This family of four leaves their glitz and glamour behind to go to the only place that will have them — Schitt’s Creek, a town that they bought as a joke.

Now, at the end of its final season, it’s long overdue for a thank you letter.

Thank you for bringing us Moira Rose, a woman who’s not afraid to champion for her worth, show her softness, and stand firm in her strength. She does not shy away from speaking her mind and telling it like it is, and our laugh lines are deeper because of it. Moira Rose is an unfathomable human at the start of this journey, and as it progresses, we see the shell of her metallic couture crack and the wigs fall off, and she is radiant.

Thank you for the fashion.

Thank you for casting Catherine O’Hara as Moira — she is and continues to be a gift to audiences everywhere.

Thank you for the wigs.

Thank you for bringing us Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose, a man who sees the flaws of his past, and does everything in his power to fix his future. A man who loves his kids and adores his wife and sees the best in them even when they cannot see it themselves.

Thank you for bringing Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy) into our lives. When we first meet her, she’s… unfortunate. She’s annoying. When we first meet Alexis, we’ll sprain our eyes from rolling them so hard — and yet, as we get to know her, we start to fight for her. We begin to cheer for her. We rally for her in her business. We hold our breath with anxious anticipation when she declares her love for Ted. We smile as she teases her parents and her brother and see how she’s a big mushball of love.

Thank you for bringing us Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire). She has made us laugh. She has touched our hearts. If it weren’t for Stevie Budd taking a chance on the most unlikely of friendships, we wouldn’t have half of the joy we do when watching Schitt’s Creek. And that’s what Stevie teaches us — to take a chance on the unexpected. Imagine if we all did that? Imagine if we all listened and stuck around long enough to hear the answers of someone else, rather than filling in the blanks of their story ourselves? Imagine that.

Thank you for bringing us Patrick Brewer (Noah Reid). He’s quite possibly one of the rawest, realest, most beautiful characters ever written. Patrick continues to show us what love looks like, what it’s like to navigate your own heart, wants, and sexuality — and he does it with unending grace and charm.

Thank you for showing us how friendships can be cultivated in the most unlikely of places. Johnny, Roland (Chris Elliot), Moira, and Jocelyn (Jenn Robinson) might be opposites, but Roland and Jocelyn still show up for the Roses. They remind them of what it means to be a friend. They show them how money is nothing without character. They stand by the Roses without their billions and see beyond the bank account.

Thank you for bringing us David Rose (Daniel Levy). It’s like David is the patron saint of millennials everywhere. He has carved out a place of pride and acceptance and admiration for pansexuals and introverts and extroverts and ambiverts and gay people and straight people and confused people and anxious people. David shows us that people can change. He has shown us that when you lead with love, everything will eventually work out. He has shown us how to show up better for our parents and our siblings and our friends. David has shown us that when you stand on the sacrificial platter of love that is dating as a millennial, it can work out. He has shown us what taking a new path in life looks like — what it means to use your skills for a broader vision, and what it means to go after a dream. He has brought comedy to a new level, from his one-liners to his facial expressions. It’s impossible not to laugh at the comedic magic of David Rose.

Thank you for creating a community where nobody cares who you sleep with or marry — all they care about is if you’re happy.

Thank you for showing us a story where families continue to learn from one another.

Thank you for showing us a story where parents are open to learning from their children.

Thank you for showing us a story where people continue to keep their hearts and minds open.

Thank you for showing us a story about redemption.

Thank you for showing us a story about reflection.

Thank you for showing us a story about love.

Thank you for showing us a story about life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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