This December, I Hope You Find Peace

This December, I hope you find peace with the actions that you’ve taken throughout the year. Maybe those actions were significant and huge and life-changing, and you’re currently figuring out how to navigate your newfound success and the largeness of this season of life. As you navigate the newness, I hope you remember why you set forth on this path, and I hope you let yourself find peace in the moments of change, no matter how overwhelming they may feel.

Perhaps your actions weren’t ones that you’re proud of—maybe they make you cringe with embarrassment or regret or shame. Perhaps they make you feel something else that’s entirely unpleasant. This December, I hope you find it in yourself to give yourself the grace to move on. Find peace in knowing that even though you made a mistake this year, it doesn’t mean that you have to make it again. Find peace in the fact that your yesterday doesn’t have to define your tomorrow. Find peace in forgiveness, especially in the act of forgiving yourself.

This December, I hope you find peace with what you have, and I hope you resist the urge to fill your closets and your homes with the things that money can buy. If you need a shirt, by all means, buy it. But if you’re trying to save your money for something that’s bigger than a holiday sale, like bills, a vacation, a home, or some other gigantic purchase, please resist the urge to purchase that new item of clothing. Or that new home decor piece. Or something else that you want but really cannot afford or need. It’s okay to save money during this time of year. Shopping your savings away will not bring you the peace and stability that you crave—it’ll be a fleeting moment of gratification, and then there’s that credit card bill to deal with, too.

This December, I hope you find peace with where you are at this moment of life. I hope you realize that finding peace at this moment doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to dream about tomorrow. It doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to make plans for the future, either. Finding peace at this moment and this season means that you’re soaking in the stillness of where you are right now. Maybe that means you’re finding peace within the chaos. Perhaps that means you’re finding peace within the slowness of whatever it is you’re feeling. But whether your December is a buzz of lights and color or quiet moments on your couch, I hope you find peace within this moment of your life, for there will never again be another December of 2019.

This December, I hope you find peace within your own heart and soul. I hope you remember that this life is a journey, and I hope you make moves in 2020 that will allow you to look in the mirror and feel pride and put your head on your pillow to sleep with ease. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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