The Truth About The Cycle Of More

Goals are a beautiful thing.

Ambition is great, too.

It’s healthy to have the achievements you wish to accomplish. But there’s a delicate balance between wanting to set goals for yourself, and getting caught up in the rat race of needing and wanting more – more money, more time, more leisure, more things, more success, and so and so on.

More, more, more, more more.

The cycle of more can be a vicious one if you’re not careful.

It can leave you feeling empty. Hungry. Dissatisfied.

When you’re pouring all of your energy into how to have “more” money, you don’t appreciate what you do have. It’s easy to dream about the bigger house, or the bigger car, or the fancy vacations, and take the fact that you can pay your rent or your grocery bill for granted.

When you’re pouring all of your energy into how to be “more” fit, you’re forgetting about the work that your body is doing right now, at this moment. You’re dismissing the fact that your knees can still bend, and your eyes can still see, and your legs can carry you from one place to another.

When you’re pouring all of your energy into how to be “more” successful, you’re forgetting about the success that you do have and the work that you have accomplished to get you to this point. The schooling, the studying, and the discipline that you have committed yourself to have brought you to this moment – and that is a victory worth celebrating. Don’t neglect that celebration as you seek your next milestone.

When you’re pouring all of your energy into how to have “more” time, you’re not making the most of the time that you do have. Each minute of each day is a gift – and they must be greatest as such. If you spend the hours of your week waiting for the weekend, it’s impossible to be making the most out of the time that you have.

If you’re constantly caught up with how to get “more” it is simply impossible to enjoy what you already have. And if you cannot enjoy what you have at this moment – more will not make you happy.

Let yourself marvel at what you’ve achieved.

Let yourself celebrate the tiny victories that pepper your weeks, your months, and your days.

Let yourself take the time to appreciate the good things that are in your life. And they are there, I promise you that.

Sometimes they’re obvious, like a fancy car in the driveway, a four-bedroom house with a white picket fence, and a summer home in the mountains and by the beach.

Sometimes they’re smaller, like the ability to pay for your rent and other bills, a job that pays for those bills, and a fridge that’s full of food.

Either way – they’re there. And big or small – they’re all important.

When you stop chasing “more” long enough to appreciate what you have and what you’ve cultivated, that is when you begin to build something bigger.

That is how you get “more” – whatever that more is for you.

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