Maybe It’s Not About Finding Your Passion, Maybe It’s About Staying Open

Maybe it’s not about finding your passion, maybe it’s about staying open — to the possibility of change, to the possibility of newness, to the possibility of discovery.

Stay open to the possibility that the things that once fired you up no longer do. Maybe you wanted to be a writer when you were younger. Maybe you now would like to be an attorney or a teacher or a doctor or something else entirely different. All the living that you’ve done since you first had that dream of being a writer has now informed how you relate to the world — and maybe, just maybe, you have changed. Maybe you don’t want to put pen to paper or your fingers to a keyboard. Maybe you feel like the way you can add value to your life and to those around you is through something other than writing.

You know what? That’s okay. Things change. People change. Passions can change.

Stay open to the possibility that you will come across new passions in your lifetime. Understand that your brain and your heart have the capability to fall in love with more than one thing that fires you up. Newness can be intimidating, but resist the urge to feed into that intimidation. Treat it as an adventure. Treat it as an exploration. Stay open to embracing something new, and who knows what you’ll discover.

Stay open to the possibility of discovery. Don’t shy away from trying new things — read new books, talk to different people, listen to different music, try new foods, travel to new places, and dig deeper into discovering more about this world and what makes it turn. Push yourself to think beyond what you already know. Push yourself to discover the newness and try new things. Maybe you’ll discover something about yourself that you never knew was there. Maybe you’ll discover something about yourself that you never knew you needed. Maybe you’ll realize that you are a person who likes many things, and you’ll now see that as a gift.

There is so much to be discovered in this world and there’s so much possibility within that discovery.

Embrace it.

Stay open to all that life has to offer, and pay attention to all the universe presents in your path. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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