In Italian, dare alla luce means to give birth.

Literally translated into English, it means “give to the light.”

Give to the light.

It’s such a beautiful phrase. From the time we first enter this world, we are given to the light. Light is the first thing we see. Light is the first thing that washes over us; it is our first bath.

Light is our first gift.

It’s what makes things visible. It’s what burns. It is the thing that shines, that dazzles, that brightens. Light is what illuminates the dark.

I hope you don’t forget that as you grow. I hope you call upon your light when you feel like you cannot see. I hope you let it illuminate the world around you.

Light is your first gift, and I hope you give that gift to the world.

Let your light pour into others. Let it show up at dinner tables and kitchen tables. Invite it to late night conversations with those you love. Let it show up on unexpected street corners and cab rides and airplanes and subways. Let it be the buzz in the air as you travel, as you work, as you navigate your way through your days and your life.

Let your light pour into your words — both written and spoken. Infuse it into your speech each and every time you speak. Imagine your words and your actions as if they are the twinkle of your favorite Christmas lights. Do you see how that softness makes people happy? Do you see how that glow makes people calm? Your words and your actions can do that too, if you let them.

Let your light pour into your actions. Let it be consistent and constant like the rising and setting of the sun. Do you see how the blaze of the sun marks each morning and each evening? Do you feel the comfort that comes in knowing that? Your actions can do that too, if you let them.

I hope you let them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark