44 Things That Spark Joy That Have Nothing To Do With Throwing Anything Out

1. Rays of sunshine as they come through your window in the early morning.

2. The smell of coffee brewing.

3. The first sip of coffee in the morning, when your head is fuzzy and you’re not quite awake yet.

4. Morning quiet while you’re having that cup of coffee.

5. A hot shower.

6. A long shower after you’ve had a really great workout.

7. A warm bath with your favorite bath bomb.

8. Getting to go to a workplace that fuels your soul.

9. Creating a piece of art.

10. Creating a piece of writing.

11. Going to a museum and taking in art.

12. Live music.

13. Finally letting the ideas that have been swirling around your mind live out loud.

14. Getting to love another human that fills your heart with love.

15. Long lunches with old friends that last for hours.

16. Slow brunches with loved ones that never end.

17. Conversations around the dinner table with family and friends that have become family.

18. Cheese plates.

19. Charcuterie plates.

20. The perfect piece of New York pizza.

21. Warm chocolate chip cookies.

22. Ice cream on a hot day.

23. Dessert in all its forms.

24. A really good glass of red wine.

25. A really good glass of red wine with your best pals.

26. Having a meal outside on a perfectly warm evening.

27. Going home after a long day at work and curling up with your favorite book.

28. Going home after a long day of work and curling up on the couch with your favorite human.

29. Sleeping in when you have the whole bed to yourself.

30. Sleeping in with your favorite human.

31. Clean, cool sheets.

32. Twilight.

33. Watching the stars shine in the night sky.

34. Watching a shooting star burst across the sky.

35. Moonlight.

36. Watching moonlight dance on the water.

37. The beach at night.

38. The beach during the day.

39. The beach, always.

40. The feeling of weightlessness when you swim in the ocean.

41. The ocean.

42. Sharing in the beauty of nature with those you love.

43. Sharing a meal with those you love.

44. Simply being with those you love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark