I Hope You Let Yourself Slow Down

I hope you let yourself slow down a bit.

I hope you stand and stare at that sunrise or sunset, and hold the hand of the person you’re with, and let the glow wash over you both. Instead of reaching for your phone to take a picture or a video of it all, I hope you commit that color to memory.

I hope you let yourself slow down a bit.

I hope you let yourself go on vacation, or celebrate a holiday, or an event, or something tender and let it be private. Let it linger in your hearts. Let the photos make their way into a tangible album, and perhaps resist the urge to post them to social media. You don’t have to keep up and compare with what the world is doing – you’re allowed to keep some things just for you.

I hope you let yourself slow down a bit, and let yourself break yourself of the rhythms that do not serve you best. It’s easy to make a habit of a rhythm that isn’t healthy, or helpful, or productive. But in slowing down, if even for a moment, you can get clarity for how to shift.

I hope you let yourself slow down a bit.

I hope you embrace the mess of your home if you’re in a season of life that is chaotic. I hope you remember that your worth and your success is not wrapped up in having a home that could be splashed across the pages of Restoration Hardware, or Pottery Barn, or Pinterest – or whatever. You are creating a space where your loved ones live, and rest, and thrive. Sometimes that gets messy. Let yourself find stillness in the mess.

I hope you let yourself slow down a bit.

I hope you see that hustle doesn’t equate to happiness. And that while it’s important to think ahead, and to plan ahead, and to work for what you want – it’s equally as important to be grateful and happy for what you have. Carve out time for the ones you love most, for the relationships that we cultivate and the families that we build are the sweet stuff of life.

Life moves so fast – it’s ok to live in the moments of slowness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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