I Hope You Learn How To Drown Out The Excess Noise

I hope you learn how to drown out the excess noise.

I hope you learn how to drown out the excess noise that floods your thoughts and tells you that you are not enough. You are enough. The world will try to bring you down and tell you that you are not enough, that you are less than — I hope you drown out those voices. I hope you see that there is greatness within you and that the voices that fill your head with lies of smallness do not understand the magnitude of all that you are and all that you can be. I hope you can see the lie, I hope you believe that it is a lie, and I hope you drown it out.

I hope you mute the noise that keeps you from stepping into your light and wants to keep you in the dark. Let yourself stand in the light. When you stand in the light, you can grow, you can plant roots, and you can bloom. Light allows you to thrive. Light is what gives you life. Do not let anyone make you feel like you have to stay in the dark — you were built to shine.

I hope you tune out the noise that tells you that you cannot fly and you cannot soar. If you let them, your wings will stretch wide. If you allow for it, they will take you to great heights, too. I know height can be scary, but you were meant to fly. You were meant to soar. You are capable, so don’t you dare let anyone clip your wings. Remember that those who wish to do so are fearful of heights, and remember that you do not have to stand in that fear alongside them.

I hope you learn how to drown out the excess noise and focus on the chatter that is within your heart and your mind.

Let your soul speak.

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