How Do You Show Up For The World?

Every day, I hope you ask yourself, “How do I show up and serve myself, my tribe, and this world in which I live?”

I hope you show up for the dreams that live inside your head.

I hope you don’t sit on them, or lock them away, or shut them deep inside the recesses of your mind and heart. I hope you don’t shove them aside or keep them in a box. You dreamt something up, and that is beautiful. Your dreams cannot come to fruition if you just ignore them — to ignore a dream is to kill a dream. And to kill a dream without giving it a chance to live is a tragedy.

I hope you show up for what you need — mind, body, and spirit.

I hope you give each of them the attention they deserve. I hope you know that to take care of yourself is not a selfish act, because if you can’t keep your head above water, it would be impossible to help anyone else stay on the surface.

I hope you show up for your tribe and love them.

I hope you remember to give them the grace that you wish to be given. I hope you know that love is everywhere, and is everything, and is the one constant that keeps this world beating and beautiful. I hope you keep love at the forefront of your mind, even when the days are hard. I hope you show up for your tribe on those hard days; I hope you remember that a tribe is built on more than the sparkly bits of life. It’s built from showing up on the days when it’s rainy and gross and you just want to curl up in bed.

I hope you serve this world in a way in which it makes it better for everyone.

I hope you don’t get hung up on leaving footprints in the sand and you live in a way that will leave your footprints on minds, hearts, and souls. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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