18 Situations Of Joy And Happiness That Cannot Be Expressed With A Single Word

1. The feeling when you see the sunlight hit the furniture in your room, your home, and/or your apartment. It casts a warm glow over everything it touches – it’s beautiful, it’s lovely, it’s peace.

2. The clinking of glasses as you cheer with your girlfriends over dinner on a night out.

3. The buzz of conversation as your loved ones are gathered around a table for a meal.

4. The sound of the door creaking as you hear your spouse come home from work.

5. The feeling of opening the door to your home after you’ve been away for a while, and seeing all of your belongings, and having the feeling of “home” wash over you.

6. The feeling that happens when you see your chosen person, and knowing that no matter where you both physically find yourself, “home” is found within each of you, together.

7. The feeling that happens when you are driving and hear your favorite song on the radio. Or Sirius. Or a Spotify shuffle playlist.

8. The feeling when you can go outside after a long winter, and not have to wear a heavy coat. The bliss of the sunshine on your skin is liberating – isn’t it?

9. The feeling when you see a baby smile at you for the first time.

10. The feeling when you hear the giggle of your kids playing together.

11. The feeling of ease when everyone you love is together in one room.

12. The feeling when you walk into your bedroom with droopy eyelids, climb into a perfectly made bed with cool sheets and let your head sink into a pillow.

13. When you wake up after a perfect night’s sleep and want to tackle the day with joy.

14. The satisfaction from drinking a perfect cup of coffee.

15. The feeling that occurs when you smell a pot of coffee brewing.

16. The feeling that occurs when you sit down to rest after a long day of being on your feet.

17. Scrolling through channels and finding the perfect movie to watch, from the actual beginning, not fifteen minutes in or smack in the middle.

18. Settling in on the couch with your loved ones, leaning into one another in a perfect cuddle. The rest of the world fades away, and at that moment, it’s just the two of you, together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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