11 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait For The New Season Of ‘Big Little Lies’

It has been announced – Season 2 of Big Little Lies will return to HBO on June 9th!

Questioning as to whether or not you have the time to commit to watching another television show? Not sure if you can make room in your heart for more characters? Here are 11 reasons to watch Big Little Lies Season 2:

1. All of the fabulous actresses from Season One will be returning – Laura Dern, Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley. Their performances were real, raw, a beautiful tapestry of humanity and a masterclass in acting.

2. MERYL STREEP WILL BE JOINING THEM. It’s Meryl – caps are necessary.

3. It’s beautifully shot. Each and every frame is stunning artistry, and a pleasure to behold.

4. The story reminds us that if someone is hurting you, whether it be a bruise on your face or a bruise on your heart, you must summon the courage to leave and let them go.

5. Women are the focal point of this story.

6. Sisterhood is the wheel of this story.

7. It’s a show that depicts the power of strength and sisterhood and the life-altering change that can occur when we place community over competition.

8. It’s an anthem for women that says, “I hope you never feel like you have to choose between soft and strong and sexy and smart and funny and quiet and shy. You can be them all if you’d like. You can pick and choose. You get to decide. If you want to be a Mom I hope you do it. If you’d rather not I hope nobody makes you feel about it. It’s your choice. It’s always your choice.”

9. It reminds us that nobody has it all figured out.

10. It reminds us that it’s a dangerous habit to assume you know the hearts, minds, and intentions of others – one can never truly understand what’s going on behind closed doors. Ask questions instead of making assumptions.

11. Most importantly, it reminds women everywhere that when you hear the cries of other sisters, it’s important to stand by their side. And when you learn of their successes, you should celebrate them, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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